Genesis Employs Critical Alert Nurse Call and STANLEY Healthcare RTLS at Four Hospitals

Critical Alert Systems, a leading provider of nurse call solutions for hospitals and health systems, andĀ STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today announced that Genesis Health Systems, a nationally-recognized health system, has implemented the Critical Alert Nurse Call solution at four hospitals as part of its continuing efforts to improve HCAHPS scores, clinical staff productivity, and operational efficiency. The improvements are made possible by Critical Alert’s native integration with the asset management and staff workflow solutions of STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScoutĀ® Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform, the KLAS Category Leader for RTLS for the fifth consecutive year. The two seamlessly integrated solutions enable automated data capture, analysis, and reporting of staff locations, activities, and responses to alerts and patient requests.

“Critical Alert’s ability to natively integrate with STANLEY Healthcare RTLS and Vocera mobile communications allowed us to leverage our previous investments while also enhancing our nurse call capabilities across our enterprise,” stated Maureen Nylin, RN – Nursing Clinical Informatics Specialist for Genesis.

“Providers are looking for solutions that will help them improve the patient experience while also raising staff efficiency,” said Gabi Daniely, Vice President of Solutions, Products and Marketing at STANLEY Healthcare. “The integration between AeroScout and Critical Alert realizes this goal, as the results achieved by Genesis Health System show.”

“Our strategy of natively integrating with industry leading technologies like STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS provides our customers with innovative solutions to real-world problems and offers a strong return on their clinical communications and patient satisfaction investments,” said Ted McNaught, CEO of Critical Alert Systems.

Genesis Health Systems Key Workflow Benefits

  • Call Alerts Automatically Canceled – As nurses with proper credentials enter a patient’s room, call alerts are automatically cancelled, eliminating the need to manually press buttons on staff stations.
  • Viewing & Analysis of Room Level Presence – Enables end-to-end visibility of patient experience, caregiver mobility and clinical workflow.
  • Rounding Procedures Analysis – Detailed reporting shows effectiveness of rounding procedures, allowing for effective process improvements to proactively address patient’s needs.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction – Nurses are able to focus more on patient care instead of numerous gadgets, creating a better perception of care with patients.
  • Single System/Centralized Administration – Native integration between STANLEY Healthcare RTLS and Critical Alert Nurse Call allows administrators to access presence and nurse call data in a single system, complimented by increasingly robust reporting for clinical workflow and patient satisfaction.

Overview – Critical Alert Unified Dashboard for Detailed Analysis & Reporting

Critical Alert Nurse Call features a unified Workflow Dashboard that integrates diverse systems and devices into a single unified console for reporting. The Workflow Dashboard provides reporting and analysis for bed-level presence of clinical staff and rounding compliance across all departments and facilities. This enables streamlined clinical communications between patient and staff, softens the impact of clinical interruptions, and enables a more robust workflow reporting and optimization capability.

Dashboard Metrics & Analysis

  • Simplify processes
  • Impact HCAHPS scores
  • Track/trace sentinel event timelines
  • Measure caregiver to patient time-ratios
  • Demonstrate accountability in staff
  • Identify training issues
  • Enhance workflow/nurse presence
  • Track requests by type & response times

Native Integration Eliminates Costly Middleware

Critical Alert’s unique and powerful Workflow Dashboard is made possible through native Integration with industry leading clinical communications devices, smart phones, RTLS, and other third-party alarms. Native integration virtually eliminates costly middleware and all its associated hardware, software, and maintenance requirements.

Native Integrations with Leading Communications Systems

Critical Alert provides native integrations with industry leading wireless clinical communications devices from Vocera, Cisco, PatientSafe, Mobile Heartbeat, Spectralink, and Voalte.