DrChrono Launches New Healthcare Partner Platform

New partner platform meets the ever-evolving needs of medical practices; 80+ healthcare apps already launched in the marketplace putting power in the hands of developers and providers to reimagine the patient experience

DrChrono Inc., a leading platform provider for medical practices, today announced that it has launched a new Partner Platform Marketplace where healthcare professionals have access to 80+ medical apps to build their medical practice of the future. This win-win for developers, providers, and patients allows anyone to realize a need in the care continuum and immediately solve for it. 

DrChrono is on a mission to build an open partner platform unlike anything in the healthcare industry. The company is inviting all different types of healthcare companies to build on its platform to enhance the medical experience for providers and patients alike. The Healthcare Partner Platform Marketplace provides multiple benefits to all parties involved.


What providers and staff can expect:

  • Apps in a wide-range of categories with multiple ways to search and discover
  • Intuitive layout of images and videos to get informed on options
  • Supporting documents for diligence and decision making
  • Easy access for practice administrators to implement new solutions
  • A comprehensive, integrated practice experience

What developers can expect:

  • A suite of open APIs to build new solutions
  • Leads accessible in real time
  • App listing updates when needed
  • Rich media promotional avenues
  • Direct access to partner documents for performance metrics  
  • Access to DrChrono R&D team
  • A seamless, frictionless signup and ongoing app management process

“The new Marketplace is another example of how DrChrono continues to be a leading EHR by providing access to best-in-class, end-to-end practice management solutions such as MIPS Accelerator,” says Robert Hopton, CEO of Health eFilings.  “That’s why we are pleased to be the MIPS compliance partner of DrChrono and offer their customers access to the most effective method for MIPS reporting and quality data management with our fully automated services that drive improved patient outcomes, optimized Quality measures and stronger financial results all through our seamless integration with DrChrono.”

“Companies often make the mistake of trying to be everything to everybody. Our mission at DrChrono has been to build a platform that solves for core medical practice needs while enabling medical providers and developers to develop integrated solutions on top that solve for the very long tail of other practice needs. We took the initiative to build a healthcare partner platform to promote interoperability in healthcare and believe if the healthcare community works in tandem, everyone’s medical experience will be better,” said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and Co-founder of DrChrono. “Today we are excited to launch the first phase of our partner platform, giving developers and partners the power to manage their apps like never before. The best technology companies around the world have powerful app distribution platforms, and now the healthcare industry will have a way for developers to launch an app and go live within days on a marketplace where thousands of providers and physicians can take advantage of what a developer offers.”

The new Healthcare Partner Platform Marketplace can be found here – https://partners.drchrono.com.

Video training for developers on how to signup and launch an app – https://youtu.be/FcUb-aX9Yl4