Articles by Dennis Dailey


Visus Technology Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Visus Technology, Inc. (“Visus” or “VisusTech”), announces the appointment of its Chief Technology Officer, Attila A. Priplata, PhD, effective May 22, 2015. The word Visus means the “power of sight” and is changing lives by…


Medisafe Announces Apple Watch App

Medisafe™, the leading global medication management platform with over 1.5 million mobile users, announced today its forthcoming app for Apple Watch will be among the first available to customers starting April 24. The Medisafe Apple…


InstaMed Delivers ApplePay to Healthcare

Healthcare providers, payers and vendors on the InstaMed Network prepare for the future of payments with simple and secure ways to get paid by consumers InstaMed announced today that Apple Pay, a new category of service…