RevSpring Launches Engage IQ™, a Patient Engagement Platform that Delivers One Coordinated Experience for Clinical, Administrative and Financial Interactions

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Engage IQ centers on patient understanding to deliver a wholistic experience that is effortless and personal, which optimizes value for both patients and providers

This week at HIMSS’23, RevSpring, a provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, revealed Engage IQ™ , an intelligent, wholistic engagement platform designed to coordinate patient interactions from preservice to post-service to payment. Engage IQ is purpose-built to reduce effort, increase satisfaction, improve clinical and financial outcomes, while helping to build patient loyalty.

Engage IQ puts patient understanding at the center of one connected experience to deliver an unmatched level of personalization which inspires patients to participate in, and pay for, their healthcare. By coordinating the patient’s administrative and clinical experience with the financial experience, providers can fully optimize patient satisfaction, data accuracy, staff efficiency and financial outcomes.

“Provider organizations are struggling to cobble together a consistent patient experience from disparate systems,” said RevSpring CEO Scott MacKenzie. “When patient intake, access, clinical reminders, and billing and payment systems work together, it’s better for providers and their patients. We are proud to introduce this breadth of capabilities to the healthcare market at this critical time, when the financial health of healthcare organizations needs innovative solution integration.”

Engage IQ is built to ensure the best response and outcomes at each stage of the patient journey. It is also designed to make the overall experience remarkable, by building trust with patients through consistency and personalization.

Engage IQ features the following:

  • A digital front door delivers a retail-like experience for consumers to shop for services, compare prices and self-schedule
  • Channel intelligence empowers patients to interact with providers in the channels they prefer and are most likely to respond to
  • Operationalization of RevSpring’s proprietary propensity to pay models predict likely payment outcomes so providers can improve them—from the very beginning of the patient experience
  • OmniChannel reminders ensures patients remember and prepare for appointments
  • A digital intake experience pre-populates known information, and allows patients to input and correct personal data using innovative optical character recognition (OCR) for enhanced convenience, fewer handoffs, and essential accuracy
  • A virtual waiting room lets patients check in from the car, from their living room, or anywhere, and co-pay or prepay using the device in their hand
  • Automated care plans keep patients connected to their providers—with critical follow-up after a care episode
  • A digital first approach to billing uses intelligence to determine patients most likely to engage digitally, while using printed communications strategically to increase response and control costs
  • The use of empathy in the self-service and staff-assisted payment experience, leveraging intelligence to match payment options to the needs of the patient to increase yield and self-service convenience, and reduce staff burden

Integrated into healthcare providers’ existing EHRs (Electronic Health Records), Engage IQ modifies patient payment behavior, driving payment rates, reducing costs and improving the patient experience.

Also at HIMSS, RevSpring reveals several innovations inherent to the Engage IQ platform:

  • PayPlanIQ™, which uses intelligence to proactively offer the best payment option based on each patient’s ability to pay, streamlining the payment journey with RevSpring’s market-leading payments platform, PersonaPay
  • Insights and Optimizations™, which uses AI to discover engagement tips that will improve patient response and outcomes using RevSpring’s OmniBrain™ patient journey analytics product
  • Expanded Self-Scheduling capabilities, including integrations to leading EMRs

“We are seeing more customers look to consolidate their vendor experience in tandem with the patient experience,” said Valerie Mondelli, chief commercial officer at RevSpring. “With the introduction of Engage IQ, RevSpring is taking the burden of consistency off of the provider and using intelligence and technology to connect the patient experience, which reduces staff effort, IT resources and cost.”

With Engage IQ, providers will know exactly what their expected return on investment will be so they can strategically reach their revenue goals.

Research supports the need for Engage IQ’s empathetic approach. In RevSpring’s 2023 Voice of the Patient Survey of 1,000 U.S. patients, the company found that two out of three U.S. patients would be somewhat or very likely to switch healthcare providers if they experienced poor communication during the pre-care or billing process. Additionally, many patients are unable to pay bills. According to a 2022 survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation half of U.S. adults would not be able to pay for an unexpected $500 bill with cash.

Attendees of the HIMSS23 Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago April 18-20 can stop by RevSpring’s booth #2248 to learn more about Engage IQ and experience a wholistic patient experience demo.