Visus Technology Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Visus Technology, Inc. (“Visus” or “VisusTech”), announces the appointment of its Chief Technology Officer, Attila A. Priplata, PhD, effective May 22, 2015. The word Visus means the “power of sight” and is changing lives by empowering the blind, visually impaired and elderly.

Stephen J. McCormack, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Visus, said, “Attila has not only been a co-founder of VisusTech but also the key architect behind the development and launch of VelaSense®. We have been working together since the inception of Visus and he is ideally suited to grow the rapidly expanding technology team and direct our efforts in wearable technology.”

Dr. Priplata brings a wealth of experience in systems design, technology integration and developing products from conception to launch. As an engineer, he brings a keen understanding and insight to the needs of a diverse grouping of customers with a variety of product requirements.

Visus provides life altering mHealth solutions of mobility, communication, and social networking software for the visually impaired and elderly markets. It is truly a life changing technology that allows users to live more accessible, independent and active lives.

The VelaSense® mobile platform incorporates applications that empower these individuals to lead more independent, productive and fulfilling lives. Visus Technology was founded for the purpose of developing integrated solutions to improve the quality of life for people with all levels of visual impairment or mobile device accessibility needs. This platform has been rigorously developed through continuous and direct user feedback with Android-based smartphones and a functional emphasis on unique applications geared to the visually impaired.  VelaSense® provides improved ease-of-use, better efficiency and increased task execution speed while performing common smartphone functions such as voice calls, text messages, emailing and contacts management. With VelaSense, a visually-impaired person will be able to identify objects, and also colors to pick out clothes, determine the denomination of the money in their hand, and read the label of a product at a grocery store.

VelaSense® is available only to Verizon Wireless customers and can be found in the Google Play Store under VelaSense. VelaSense® is supported by Verizon’s 4G LTE network, functions on select Android smartphones operating on version 4.3 or higher and can be found in the Google Play Store under VelaSense. #velasense #visustech