Onlife Health Announces New Partnerships

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Onlife Partnerships to Enhance Mobile, Gamification, and Incentives Capabilities across Wellness Solutions

Onlife Health, a national leader in comprehensive workplace wellness solutions for health plans and employers, today announced strategic partnerships with four leading consumer health technology firms: Blue Goji, ChipRewards, Noom, and WellnessCodes. The companies will work with Onlife Health to expand upon the company’s mobile, gamification, and incentives features to increasingly engage participants and enhance the reporting and analytics vital to evaluating program effectiveness. These companies were evaluated across a variety of dimensions and chosen based on their ability to meet the wants and needs of plan members.

“We are confident that the market-facing solutions resulting from these mutual partnerships will increasingly draw participants into our wellness platform and motivate them to incorporate healthy habits into their normal routines.”

With the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, the partnerships also strengthen the company’s scope of solutions to effect pre-chronic condition management. Many of the technologies blend automated interventions and human interventions to help patients identify and track health issues, set realistic goals, and receive encouragement along the way.

“With 20 years of experience, we are meticulously aware of how consumers engage with wellness and utilize resources available to them,” said Danny Timblin, president and CEO of Onlife Health. “Through mutual partnerships with these health-engagement specialists, we make it easier for individuals to connect with wellness through interactive, fun, and rewarding methods when they want and how they want, so wellness becomes part of their daily routine instead of an extra chore they need to do. We’re anticipating great outcomes from each of these collaborations, the results of which will enhance user experiences and foster longer-term engagement.”


Founded by the creators of Guitar Hero, Blue Goji delivers the first true fitness gamification platform that transforms exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills into fun, interactive arcade-like gaming experiences. Whether at home, work, or the gym, participants use Bluetooth game controllers to drive interactive mobile games that turn exercise into fun and rewarding adventures, all the while tracking distance, time, and calories. Onlife brings the expertise to integrate these physical activities with users’ health profiles, share verifiable data with health coaches, and use it to administer incentives.


ChipRewards provides a configurable rules-based processing technology that automates the design and implementation of large-scale incentive and engagement initiatives. Through this partnership, Onlife Health and ChipRewards will accommodate health plans and employers wishing to implement basic participatory programs as well as more sophisticated outcomes-based plan designs. The collaboration delivers scalable engagement initiatives that effectively motivate and reward individuals as they progress through the continuum of health management.

Mobile Health

Noom, a mobile healthcare startup with more than 32 million users, will work with Onlife Health to leverage mobile health and smartphone technology that blends personal coaching and artificial intelligence to help participants with weight loss, pre-chronic condition management, and other preventive interventions. Noom’s interactive platforms give users the ability to receive daily health reminders, dialogue with Onlife’s health coaches, track nutrition and exercise, and connect with social groups for peer support. Back-end technology powers real-time communication, and provides organizations with robust on-demand population analytics. The partnership enables payers, employers, and providers to customize a suite of tools tailored to the needs of their population that will be accessible to members anytime, anywhere.

Discounts on Fitness and Wellness Products

WellnessCodes provides members and organizations discounts up to 40 percent off the price of fitness and wellness products. The partnership expands Onlife Health’s ability to administer both individual and bulk purchasing arrangements on top-brand fitness tracking devices, food-preparation appliances such as juicers and blenders, and more. Clients can also design customized wellness kits that address key medical concerns such as diabetes and weight loss.

“Behavior change ultimately starts and ends with the consumer, which is why we are focused on health and wellness solutions and technology partners that will drive lasting change,” said Arthur Lane, vice president of marketing for Onlife Health. “We are confident that the market-facing solutions resulting from these mutual partnerships will increasingly draw participants into our wellness platform and motivate them to incorporate healthy habits into their normal routines.”