MEDITECH Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud to Bring EHRs to the Public Cloud

The contemporary Expanse platform will be one of the first EHRs available through Google Cloud Platform (GCP), delivering a new level of digital transformation to an increasingly diverse range of healthcare facilities

MEDITECH, a leading Enterprise Health Record (EHR) vendor, is proud to announce that it is one of the first vendors to offer an EHR through Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This new collaboration solidifies MEDITECH’s commitment to securely delivering greater access to patient data, facilitating interoperability, and enhancing scalability.

“This is the future of healthcare,” says Howard Messing, CEO of MEDITECH. “We’ve been retooling MEDITECH for the new healthcare paradigm, reshaping our company to meet the needs of today’s market and today’s customers. It began with Expanse, one of the first web-based solutions, released as one of the first full-scale platforms of the post-Meaningful Use era. Now, this collaboration with Google Cloud and our commitment to the public cloud further expands the productivity and agility of our customers.”

GCP will provide additional options aligned with the MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) subscription model, further advancing cost-effective, rapid, and easy implementation of cutting-edge EHR technologies. “Reducing infrastructure costs, while continually providing some of the most advanced technologies available, is appealing to healthcare organizations of all sizes and scopes,” says Messing.

Public cloud also plays a role in allowing facilities to expand security efforts and help combat ransomware attacks. “Whereas many of our customers today have finite resources dedicated to security, the public cloud can facilitate potentially hundreds of additional, deployable resources,” says Scott Radner, Vice President of Advanced Technology, MEDITECH.

The agreement with Google Cloud extends to application development as well. “Plans are underway to develop native cloud products as well as APIs to be used on these products,” says Michelle O’Connor, MEDITECH President and COO. “So the innovations will be extended to our on-premise customers as well.”

MEDITECH is particularly proud to be one of the first vendors offering its customers all of the power, prestige, and promise of GCP.

“At Google Cloud, we are focused on providing healthcare and life sciences organizations with innovative and scalable technology that can be used to generate novel insights, improve care delivery, and enable greater efficiencies in the healthcare system,” said Joe Corkery, MD, Head of Product, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Google Cloud. “We are proud to collaborate with MEDITECH, to help foster innovation within care systems and advancing data interoperability.”