Jvion Launches Clinical AI on the Innovaccer Health Cloud

Advancement brings AI-powered clinical guidance to the Innovaccer Health Cloud to help providers improve population health.

Jvion, a member in clinical artificial intelligence (AI), announced that its AI-powered prescriptive insights, powered by the Jvion CORE, is now available on the Innovaccer Health Cloud.

Now more than 37,000 providers and digital health innovators who are accelerating their transformation on the Innovaccer Health Cloud can quickly and easily integrate accurate, prescriptive intelligence into their clinical and operational workflows, using Jvion’s clinical AI.

“We can’t achieve health equity until we first bring all of a patient’s information together, as one record—and that requires data beyond the EHR,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO of Innovaccer. “In order to understand and treat the whole person, we must be able to analyze and act on their social determinants of health, in addition to clinical and claims data. By bringing Jvion’s clinical AI to the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s ecosystem, we’re helping customers go beyond risk prediction to prescriptive interventions, so they can treat populations more holistically, empathetically, and effectively.”

The Jvion CORE “thinks” about people as a clinician does. It’s a secure and scalable prescriptive clinical-AI repository that aggregates and augments data on the Innovaccer Health Cloud with clinical, socioeconomic and experiential information on more than 37 million people. Jvion’s clinical AI then identifies people on a modifiable path to a poor outcome, the influencing and addressable risk factors, and gives clinicians and care teams personalized clinical guidance that can change the patient’s risk trajectory. The result: better care and reduced healthcare costs.

“With its unified patient record, the Innovaccer Health Cloud provides unparalleled visibility into the patient’s journey,” said John Showalter, MD, MSIS, Chief Product Officer at Jvion. “Unifying data from disparate sources, as Innovaccer does so well, provides an exceptional foundation for Jvion’s clinical artificial intelligence to provide crucial clinical and social determinants of health insights and recommendations. We’re very excited to bring the power of the Jvion CORE to Innovaccer’s customers and empower care teams to manage patients more holistically and make more informed decisions faster that have a real impact on patient outcomes.”