Curatio Creates the First Private, Global Social Support Network for Individuals with Health Challenges

Curatio goes beyond pill prescriptions to use the power of human connection to make living with a health challenge easier and less isolating

Curatio, the first private, mobile patient engagement platform, launches to provide peer support, trusted information and personalized programs for individuals with health ailments. By combining matchmaking technology, curated content and easy-to-use disease tracking tools, Curatio puts health empowerment in the hands of patients.

Research studies show that socially isolated individuals have low wellbeing and health outcomes that negatively impact their quality of life. They are at a 50 percent higher risk of premature death and 29 percent higher risk of heart disease, a leading cause of death globally. Curatio delivers long-lasting connections through disease-based peer networks and tools to manage symptoms in order to improve health outcomes and help patients feel a sense of community on their journey.

“When you’re living with a disease or recovering from a health scare, it’s hard to find people who can truly relate to what you’re going through,” said Lynda Brown-Ganzert, founder and CEO of Curatio. “Curatio was born out of my own experience where I found it surprisingly difficult to connect with women who matched my age, health background and personal interests that I could relate to on a deeper level. Now, Curatio gives everyone around the world a safe, private place where they can share their struggles, triumphs and tips with one another for medical support beyond a pill prescription.”

Through Curatio’s four main features, users can:

  • Connect with peers of similar backgrounds and diseases either by their own choosing or via Curatio’s proprietary matchmaking technology that find patient ‘buddies.’ Curatio also works with coaches and medical experts to provide advice and validated, trusted information.
  • Track their symptoms daily. From stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain to blood glucose and blood pressure, Curatio makes it easier to manage symptoms and spot patterns.
  • Join communities of individuals living with similar ailments. From heart health to Type I diabetes and cancer, users never have to feel like they’re tackling their disease alone.
  • Learn about new healthcare, treatment and tips from professionally curated content on the disease they want to learn more about.

Curatio has found that social support is the missing link in healthcare, with 75 percent of its initial users already showing improved health behaviors and an 80 percent increased interest in personal health management. This is because, with Curatio, patients have both a community and lifeline to professional medical advice, straight from their personal device, which fills the gap between in-hospital support group sessions. Since health ailments affect others outside of the individual, Curatio also recently launched a new community for caregivers and families to connect with others responsible or interested in the wellbeing of loved ones.

The Curatio app is free to download on iOS devices in the App Store and can also be accessed via desktop. The platform is also available for licensing to hospitals and healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, government and NGOs in a white label or sponsorship model. Licensors can either integrate the platform with existing programs or use as its own private social network. With Curatio, licensors can curate digital content with their brand, build relationships with patients and measure aggregate patient data to better understand population health. Through this use case, Curatio not only increases medication and care plan adhere, but also provides cost savings for hospitals.

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