Cloud-Based Application from Ingenious Med Offers Workflow Cure

Ingenious Med Enterprise Solution (formerly IM1), is a cloud-based, web and mobile application that offers a cure to the day-to- day workflow issues typically faced in ambulatory settings. Instead passing a physical paper off to be processed, IMES users can reference and update patient records in real time, thereby unifying care coordination, payment and records into a single solution.

“Our vision has always been to make useable solutions so physicians can spend more time taking care of patients.  With our long-standing, national footprint, I know we’ve delivered on that goal by helping practices survive and grow while enabling their physicians to be better than they could ever be without technology.  Our data confirms this, our clients have more successful practices and their hospitals have lower costs.  Because of our early smartphone focus and emphasis on usability, we’ve hopefully played a major role in making mobile technologies a mainstream solution,” said Dr. Steven Liu, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Ingenious Med. “There’s a lot of change coming. The future is exciting and we can’t wait to meet it.”

IMES helps doctors to strategically plan their day, giving them a robust plan of priorities, freeing up patient beds, reducing readmission, reducing inefficiencies and potentially generating tremendous savings. Because the entire care team can easily communicate though the app in real-time, IMES adds a new level of security while increasing the speed in communication.

Through easy access to the patient’s previous providers, doctors have insight into patient’s patterns that could be easily missed on current patient summaries.

Also, IMES helps providers keep track of patient visits. The app shows caretakers when a patient was first admitted and flags readmissions. IMES takes steps toward revolutionizing medical billing, by leading providers down a unique path for reporting. The platform doesn’t ask them to capture new information, and allows doctors to stay focused on the tasks of patient care, their primary responsibility, while helping to minimize coding errors.

Ingenious Med Enterprise Solution is a fresh approach for health systems in the transition from fee-for- service to value based care, and may improve outcomes while lowering costs.

“Using Ingenious Med has dramatically increased our captured charges per provider, our collection rate and the accuracy of our coding. It is easy to use, enhances the communication between physician and coder and supports the growth of our program across multiple geographic sites,” said Jessica O’Reilly Regional Manager at Roper Saint Francis Healthcare in South Carolina.

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