IBM Watson and HelpAround Announce Collaboration to Optimize Patient Support

IBM Watson and HelpAround announced at the American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting their new collaboration to optimize Patient Support in real-time

Health startup HelpAround is building Watson APIs into the company’s diabetes support community to optimize their ability to analyze patients’ questions and requests in real-time. The HelpAround mobile platform provides quality-of-life support to people living with diabetes by matching them with a resource that could help. Watson will enable HelpAround to analyze every help request in real-time, assess its sentiment and tone, and identify frustrations, dissatisfaction and expressions of urgency.

Insights from Watson are designed to enable the HelpAround platform to better personalize support offered to its users, almost instantaneously. For example, recognizing in real-time that an individual is in distress in regards to their insulin or glucose levels will allow HelpAround to connect the patient with other insulin users or with a nearby retailer, as well as the opportunity to chat with a representative of the company that manufactures the insulin in order to provide the patient with extra support.

“The unique cognitive capabilities of Watson will help us to significantly improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes, as well as their families,” said Yishai Knobel, founder and CEO of HelpAround.

Learn more about Real-Time Patient Support and HelpAround’s services here.

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