Connance to Integrate Socio-Demographics Into CareWire’s Patient Engagement Platform

Customized Interactions Reflect Patient’s Behavioral Profile to Help Improve Outcomes

Connance, a leading provider of healthcare predictive analytics solutions, has partnered with CareWire, a text-first, mobile patient engagement solution provider, to integrate a new set of predictive analytics [NA1] into CareWire’s HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for patients. Connance and CareWire are piloting the solution and anticipate general release of the enhanced capabilities in Q4.

CareWire will incorporate the Connance predictive analytics solution into its existing platform to further enhance messaging tactics and personalize interactions. Insight into each patient’s socio-demographic and behavioral profile allows CareWire to tailor interactions throughout the continuum of care—including post-surgical/treatment and chronic disease management—to offer the specific programs and interventions that address individual patient needs. For example, if the analytic highlights transportation challenges, the platform will automatically include messages that offer provider sponsored links to transportation alternatives.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, socio-demographic and behavioral factors impact up to 70 percent of consumer health,” said Randy Hawkins, Connance chief medical officer.  “Access to transportation, financial stability, and food security are factors providers need to understand if we’re going to improve patient outcomes, especially when it comes to managing chronic diseases such as diabetes or congestive heart failure.”

“In today’s mobile-centric world, patients expect communications regarding their health to be timely, relevant and personalized,” said Ken Saitow, president and chief executive officer of CareWire. “Adding the power of predictive analytics from Connance makes our patient engagement solution smarter and better at activating patients—helping them take the next step in their treatment plan to stay on track towards a positive outcome.”

Beyond meeting Meaningful Use requirements, value-based care is driving the requirement for healthcare organizations to engage with patients both inside and out of the clinic. Customized text messages personalized to the unique attributes of patients improves impact in meeting compliance and quality objectives and ensuring that important steps in the care plan such as follow up appointments and medication adherence are not missed.