Josh Holmes Promoted to Executive Vice President of Business Development, RowdMap, Inc. to Continue Unprecedented Growth and Marked Adoption of High-Value Care

Josh Holmes has been promoted to the new position of Executive Vice President of Business Development as part of the RowdMap leadership team. Previously, Josh Holmes had been with RowdMap in the position of Vice President of Business Development, as well as Vice President of Business Development with Leverage Health, and Senior Vice President of Payer Sales at NaviNet. Josh Holmes specializes in payer perspective on the transition to value-based care.

Josh Holmes has played a critical role in the marked expansion and growth of the RowdMap, Inc. client base across the entire U.S., including geographically diverse areas from rural and underserved communities to urban and highly competitive markets, and across Group, Individual, Medicare and Medicaid products managed by a wide variety of customer types from large, publicly traded insurers to regional networks, provider-owned payers and startups.

“Payers are wasting 30 cents of every dollar on low-value care due to the effects of fee-for-service. Identifying, quantifying, and reducing that low-value care is a key to not only profitability for the payer and higher payment for the provider but also benefitting members directly. Payers in virtually every major market are using tactics from finance, network, sales and marketing, and operations to reduce their overall medical expense, lower their cost of network ownership, and re-invest in product, network, and sales and marketing with immediate, tangible, and quantifiable return on investment,” said Josh Holmes, Executive Vice President of Business Development, RowdMap, Inc.

“Five years ago, low-value care and high-value care were not new concepts, but solving for them is still new to the marketplace. RowdMap is honored now to be working across the healthcare delivery system with both payers and providers to deliver high-value care in order to make delivery more viable and financially equitable and benefit members, patients, citizens and employees. As payers move from demand based risk mitigation to supply based risk mitigation, high-value care offers stunning impact and markedly powerful new opportunities and RowdMap is pleased to be leading the charge in market adoption and operational execution and creating significant market impact,” said Melanie Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer, RowdMap, Inc.

Josh Holmes  joins a seasoned leadership team at RowdMap, Inc. including Melanie Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer, formerly with Eliza, Sprigley, Health Dialog, Solstice Capital, and the Human Genome Project; Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, formerly with Eliza and Sprigley and a Fulbright recipient at the Sorbonne’s International think tank (EPHE) and a member of the Data Access and Use Group of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCHVS); Burak Sezen, Chief Information Officer, previously with Eliza, Sprigley, Health Dialog, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst&Young; Kim Spalding, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, formerly with Tech Republic, Narrowcast, and Ernst&Young’s Entrepreneurial Services; and Marshall Votta, Chief Market Officer, formerly with Leverage Health and NaviNet.