Biotricity and Global to Local to Develop Chronic Care Solutions to Address Current Gaps in the Market

Credit: Global to Local

biotricity inc., a healthcare technology company  committed to delivering innovative, medically relevant biometric remote monitoring solutions, has partnered with Global to Local (G2L), an organization dedicated to providing programs that improve individual and community health outcomes, expand access to healthcare services, , and empower economic development in the most diverse and underserved communities. The collaboration between biotricity and G2L will initially focus on building innovative solutions for outcome measurements for individuals suffering from chronic disease. ​

​“Underserved populations face barriers to basic health and economic resources, including a lack of access to preventative care, which contributes to the mismanagement of chronic disease and can result in a shortened lifespan,” said Dr. Siddiqui, Director of Research and Innovation at Global to Local.

​G2L has tested numerous chronic disease management solutions on the market – and to date, have not found any that address the needs of the patient, the needs of the provider, and needs of the health system in a way that creates efficiency and drives down costs. “We are excited to work closely with biotricity and translate our expertise to help them build solutions that can be scaled efficiently and work effectively for everyone involved,” Siddiqui added.

This partnership with biotricity enables G2L to apply its clinical expertise to help develop the next generation of chronic care solutions that address the gaps identified in existing solutions. biotricity’s expertise in remote monitoring technology is a perfect fit with G2L’s goal of using innovative, holistic, and community-driven solutions to address health and economic disparities in various low-income populations.

Global to Local’s approach recognizes that access to good health is dependent on factors such as economic opportunity, education, language, and job skills.​ G2L is piloting global approaches to improve individual and community health outcomes for prediabetes, diabetes, and obesity with a focus on improving access through low-cost solutions while also empowering economic development in two of the most diverse and underserved communities in King County, Washington – SeaTac and Tukwila. ​Their long-term goal is to design a sustainable model of care for communities around the country that face similar health and economic disparities. G2L’s programs have already expanded into other parts of Washington State, and will soon enter nearby states through their partnerships with Providence Health, Swedish Hospital, and Washington State University.

“Our partnership with G2L is an important step for us, as we develop a solution for the chronic care markets they serve,” said Waqaas Al-Siddiq, biotricity founder and CEO.  Affiliating with an organization like G2L gives biotricity multiple benefits such as identifying current gaps within existing solutions, a deeper understanding of all stakeholders, and the ability to pilot its solutions.

“As we move beyond the cardiac market​, we will utilize G2L’s diabetes and care management expertise to build a chronic care management platform for diabetes and other chronic illnesses,” added Al-Siddiq.

biotricity’s mission is to develop multiple solutions for chronic illnesses by designing monitoring devices paired with chronic care management tools to improve patient compliance and empower the individual to take better care of their health. The Company’s Next generation medical-grade wearables will pave the way for the adoption of preventive care measures into mainstream healthcare practices. It will shift the current “reactive” model – where physicians diagnose and treat conditions and diseases after onset – to proactive. This is particularly true of managing heart-related illnesses, as patients often fail to comply with their doctor’s medical directives, dietary changes, exercise regiments, and lifestyle alterations, without any feedback mechanism or continuous monitoring. biotricity has developed solutions that will initially work within the cardiac market as cardiovascular disease is the number one killer.