Entrada Announces Latest Enhancements to its EHR-Integrated Mobile Engagement Platform

Credit: Entrada

Updates to speech-to-text, secure text messaging, and EHR Workflow Features drive additional clinical efficiencies for physicians and staff

Today, Entrada announced a major upgrade to its Mobile Engagement Platform, available for both Apple iOS and Android. The release delivers new, industry leading features and enhancements for physicians and staff who are struggling with desktop-based EHR workflows. The release includes advancements to Entrada Rhythm, Entrada’s groundbreaking clinical documentation solution, as well as many additional features and upgrades that drive clinical efficiencies. The release also includes critical enhancements to Entrada’s secure text messaging solution, enabling better coordination of patient care both within and outside of the clinical facility.

“We strive to build technology that removes barriers between our physicians and their patients,” noted Vinny Casha, Senior Product Manager at Entrada. “Entrada plays a critical role for our clients as a go-to mobile app in the hands of their physicians at the point of patient care. Providers rely on Entrada to be simple, efficient, and beautiful. With our new release, we’ve continued our advancement of that vision.”

Entrada has redesigned its mobile interface and user experience for its Workflow Optimization solution, simplifying the process of accessing a patient’s clinical content, including medications, allergies, problems, etc., synced from the electronic health record (EHR). Clinicians can now view and share lab results for each of their patients, accelerating the consult by enabling access to lab data from whenever and wherever patient care happens. Entrada also enables clinic staff to seamlessly capture and update a patient’s EHR profile photo from directly within its mobile app, eliminating the need to purchase additional camera hardware while avoiding cumbersome workflows.

Entrada has also made major improvements to its Android application, including speed and performance upgrades and a complete redesign of its mobile interface. Entrada’s Secure Communications solution also benefits from the updates to Entrada’s Android application, as text message invitations and conversations between users on different mobile operating systems are even faster and smoother.

New features include:

  •     Major advancements to Entrada Rhythm
  •     Better schedule management, as schedules for different clinicians are color-coded
  •     New “Follow Me” feature that will load schedules to correspond to the current time
  •     Improved security
  •     Quick launch icons for dictation, image capture, and text messaging added for Android

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