Abri 360 launches Indiegogo Campaign for BRAND NEW Safe Sleeper

A nurse, scientist, researcher and professor was fed up hearing about all the tragic incidents of babies dying while sleeping. Dr. Jennifer Doering compiled 15 years of research to create the Abri 360, to finally allow babies and parents to sleep close while resting easy. The Abri 360 just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough money to take this product to market. 

About 600 babies die in America each year from suffocation or strangulation in bed. These unexpected losses devastate families and communities and it’s all, in part, due to a lack of safe products. Dr. Doering, a University of Minnesota and University of Arizona graduate who grew up in Caledonia, Minnesota has dedicated her life to prevent any future pain for families. Dr. Doering’s invention comes directly out of research done through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar Program.

Dr. Doering and co-inventor Greg Krzecki (Quad/Graphics Inc. employee with over 25 years of aerospace experience) created the Abri 360 with Sleep Environment Innovations (SEI.) SEI aims to create products that protect babies and allow parents to sleep. They are not saying you should always sleep with your baby and they are not saying you should never sleep with your baby. This product leaves all options open to meet a family’s needs. 

This baby sleeper allows for a safe way to keep a baby close without risking common dangers. Abri is a french word for shelter which is what the sleeper provides. It also offers 360 degrees of protection, unlike competitor products which only provide 180 degrees of protection. Dr. Doering compiled information on babies sleep patterns, movements, breathing, anatomy and oxygen saturation to engineer this new, effective innovation. Instead of monitoring the baby, you are able to also monitor the environment around the baby. This keeps the place and space for your baby, free of common hazards. 

Without the Abri 360, parents tend to modify their own sleeping environment to make sure their baby is safe. Moms might put their own bed on the floor, avoid using pillows or they might send dad to another bed. Moms often want to breastfeed on demand, but parents worry a pillow or blanket could fall on their baby or their baby could fall out of the bed. Babies have been wedged between the wall and the bed, they’ve been strangled in the sheets, even mom or dad can roll on top of the baby resulting in a parent’s worst nightmare. Physicians and nurses are excited about the Abri 360 because this is finally an in-bed sleeper that offers a real solution to restful sleep. You can also bring the Abri 360 with you anywhere. Take this with you while camping or hanging out in the living room. Your baby will feel nice and cozy in this portable bed, no matter where you go.

Key features include:

  • Tip-over protection
  • Blanket and pillow detection
  • Firm & flat surface
  • Alarms are visual and audible
  • Sensors only go off when necessary
  • Designed for babies up to 6 months
  • 9-Volt battery lasts up to 6 months

Important warning: this product should never be placed in a crib. A baby could get wedged between the Abri and the crib railings. Also, this product should only be used on a stable surface. It’s best to keep the Abri 360 off the couch. Instead you can put the Abri 360 safely on a coffee table or the floor while you’re in the living room. 

They have a warehouse established in Milwaukee and they need $100,000 (through crowdfunding) to start production of the Abri 360. The goal is to retail the product under $149. You can get a significant discount on an Abri 360 through this Indiegogo campaign and become one of the first owners of this specialized sleeper. Once they reach their goal, Abri 360 will be available through Amazon and eventually brick & mortar stores. 


Giving back is a huge part of the Abri business model. Eventually they plan to take back any used sleepers, refurbish them and donate them to families in need. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/abri-360-the-smart-alert-baby-sleeper#/ or www.abri360.com