drchrono just changed everything again, launching the first fully featured iPhone EHR

Full EHR functionality and documentation now available for the first time on iPhone

drchrono, the EHR on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web for physicians and their patients, announced today the launch of its iPhone EHR with full clinical documentation functionally.

Before today, drchrono allowed a physician to take all of their paper medical forms and put them onto iPad and web, to do rounds and document patient information. With full clinical documentation, a physician can now literally see patients with an iPhone and do his/her rounds. This is especially useful for times when physicians only have their phone on them, but want to quickly document a patient encounter.

A physician generally has a number of clinical forms that they use to document; all of these can be loaded onto iPad, web and now iPhone. drchrono is the only company to allow this simple transition or hand off if a physician wants to go from one device to another.

Currently today there are no other options for iPhone where physicians can document a full patient encounter, sign off on it, locking the note, and have it bill right to the insurance company. Using drchrono, physicians can now submit full documentation to a billing team or to an insurance company right from an iPhone.

For those physicians on an iPhone 6 Plus, they can also take advantage of both horizontal view and vertical view.

Michael Nusimow, CEO and cofounder, of drchrono states, “This is a major step forward for the mobile EHR industry. As more and more form factors come out, like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro, we are rethinking and redefining our technology so we can be on all of these devices.  With drchrono’s EHR, wherever a physician is, whatever device they are on, they can get access to a patient’s medical record and do documentation.”

“drchrono coming to the iPhone means expanding our capabilities and doubling the efficiency for our practice. This is going to even further change the mobile health industry from where drchrono has already taken it. drchrono being on our iPhone is a huge win for the medical industry,” said Dr. Calderon of Aspire Health Solutions.

Nusimow adds, “Our focus at drchrono is on mobile and our commitment is to creating a revolutionary experience on the iPhone.”

The new iPhone EHR is available on the free meaningful use certified EHR from drchrono and all paid plans.