What Is Population Health Anyway? PYA’s Five-Part Series Provides Answers

National certified public accounting and consulting firm PYA (Pershing Yoakley & Associates) announces the release of a five-part series which explores the various facets of population health and offers a “plan of attack” for developing a viable population health management program.

PYA has announced the release of a five-part series, What Is Population Health Anyway?, which provides valuable insight into various components of population health and how it can be managed to promote health within a particular population.

The series, which is available on the PYA website and is organized into five tabbed sections, dissects population health and breaks it down into manageable components, starting with an operational definition of the term. Subsequent sections explore the clinical, organizational, and technical aspects of population health, making the series a comprehensive and valuable resource for countless providers.

“This series has greater implications than merely defining population health. It informs healthcare professionals, C-suites, boards, and vendors who provide technology and other solutions within a variety of healthcare settings,” said PYA Principal Martie Ross. “It offers strategic approaches that providers can utilize to improve the experience of care and overall health, while lowering healthcare costs for entire communities.”

Due to its all-inclusive nature, the series should assist providers across the healthcare continuum in orienting their staff, systems, and facilities toward a population-health-minded approach. The series culminates in a thorough and detailed plan for developing an effective population health management program.

According to PYA Principal Kent Bottles, MD, who also teaches at the Thomas Jefferson University College of Population Health, “Implementing a viable, practical population health management program should be a priority for all providers. The ‘10-part plan of attack’ presented in this series assists providers with the deployment of population health strategies aimed at the entire population served, while addressing the needs of individuals within that population. This series is a launch point for patient engagement and effecting positive, proactive changes in lifestyle.”

With a team of healthcare industry professionals including physicians, infectious disease experts, nurses, executives, attorneys, data scientists, and policy analysts, PYA helps providers pursue collaborative efforts to define, implement, and enforce standards of care; evaluate the best approaches for achieving success; develop appropriate strategies for patient engagement; and utilize the latest technological tools that will have the most impact on their patients’ lives.