Zing Health Simplifies Claims, Authorizations With Availity


Zing Health has selected the Availity electronic data interchange system for providers to check eligibility, submit claims and get payment information

Zing Health has selected Availity, a large, national real-time health information network, to give healthcare providers an easy and secure way to exchange information. The health plan-sponsored portal frees providers from burdensome phone calls and faxes to check eligibility and benefits and resolve claims-related issues. Availity’s electronic data interchange solution gives Zing Health members more timely and accurate answers from providers on their health plan coverage and payments.

Providers use Availity to simplify the exchange of administrative, clinical and financial information. Practitioners in the Zing Health provider network will be able to share information to close clinical care gaps, removing the silos between the providers and the health plan and ultimately improving members’ well-being.

EDI Solution Supports Zing Health Provider Network

Zing Health has already reduced its prior authorization requirements and shortened its payment turnaround to increase its value to healthcare providers. Availity Essentials builds on Zing Health’s provider support initiatives, empowering secure and effective transactions to drive collaboration, cost savings, workflow efficiencies and better patient care.

“Availity enables doctors to check benefits and claims quickly,” said Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, Zing Health founder and CEO. “Availity also delivers critical insights regarding care coordination and care gaps, such as missing vaccinations or health screenings. EMR integration enables more collaboration among providers to improve patient care.”

With Availity Essentials and the Availity Gateway, the exclusive network for Availity’s health plan customers, Zing Health’s Medicare Advantage HMO plans can work more efficiently with providers. Zing Health can connect to Medicare payers and securely transmit data.

“We’re excited to include Zing Health as part of our broad payer network on Availity Essentials bringing our proven data management and network connections to a greater number of providers,” said Russ Thomas, Availity’s CEO. “We look forward to working with Zing Health as they continue to broaden their reach and grow their provider network.”

Data Access Improves Claims Management

Zing Health and other payers sponsor Availity Essentials, which allows direct data entry to establish eligibility, secure authorizations, file claims, check claim status and file remittances. Millions of providers use Availity Essentials to electronically exchange financial and administrative data with hundreds of health plans.

“Availity Essentials is a real time, multi-payer engagement platform, which makes it easier for providers to collaborate with Zing Health,” said Vrajesh Shah, Zing Health’s chief information officer. “This will provide a consistent workflow and improve their services, so a doctor can check eligibility and benefits very quickly.”

Advanced data solutions empower Zing Health providers to streamline workflows and focus on member outcomes. The secure, HIPAA-compliant EDI solution is an entry point for providers to submit administrative transactions. Its simplified access saves time and unnecessary phone calls.

“The foundation of a cost-effective, patient-centered health ecosystem is the ability to standardize and adopt electronic data exchange among health plans, providers and patients,” said Thomas. “Efficiencies and innovations in the healthcare industry today will come by making data more accessible, more actionable and more contextual.”