Zane Networks and Smart Meter to Support Healthcare Organizations in US Virgin Islands with Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Network

Zane Networks and Smart Meter to Support Healthcare Organizations in US Virgin Islands with Telehealth/RPM Network

Zane Networks, a leader in healthcare transformation services and a certified Management Service Organization (MSO), and Smart Meter the leading supplier of Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) solutions to a nationwide network of SmartPartners, are collaborating to bring an integrated telehealth/RPM network to healthcare providers within the US Virgin Islands. The goal is to improve the quality of care and expand access to services offered to vulnerable populations within the USVI community.
The experience that Zane Networks brings to this endeavor includes working closely with state and district government under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and COVID public health will support the successful deployment of the Telehealth/RPM Network. The company has successfully deployed and managed deployments including emergency state-funded projects to help healthcare organizations with the following initiatives:
  • Incorporate telehealth devices and remote patient monitoring into existing workflows
  • Assess practice workflow and billing methods to better utilize telehealth/RPM
  • Develop and integrate telehealth and RPM technologies
  • Leverage local Health Information Exchange information for virtual visits
  • Increase efficiency using telehealth/RPM during public health emergencies
  • Utilize telehealth to improve transitions of care from hospital to nursing home
Smart Meter will provide the proprietary cellular-enabled devices delivering reliable secure testing data using the first and only Private Data Network for RPM to help achieve project goals. Healthcare organizations can trust that the patient-generated health data from Smart Meter’s device and data ecosystem is securely delivered in real-time without the data security and HIPAA issues that may be prevalent in other RPM devices that use the public internet for data transmission. Healthcare organizations throughout the USVI can more easily support their patient’s disease management programs with patient friendly home-based monitoring devices. The ease of use supports improved patient adherence to care plan instructions leading to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.
“Our plan is to support healthcare organizations in the USVI to leverage telehealth and SmartMeter RPM technologies and devices to increase access to care beyond traditional healthcare settings, engage patients and exchange health data to better coordinate care,” said Luigi Leblanc, vice president of technology at Zane Networks.
“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Zane Networks to deliver our high-quality devices, reliable data, and exceptional service to facilitate care in the USVI,” said Casey Pittock, chief executive officer of Smart Meter. “We have simplified the workflows to deploy and manage remote patient monitoring so our customers can focus on transforming healthcare for patients.”