CloudWave Launches Cybersecurity Insider Program

Exclusive Member Community to Focus on How to Protect Healthcare Organizations from Increasing Cyber Threats

CloudWave, the expert in healthcare data security, launches its Cybersecurity Insider Program, an exclusive new community dedicated to protecting patients at the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Insider Program will offer members a deep dive into the latest cybersecurity trends and threats and provide ongoing education to help healthcare organizations protect patients and safeguard against cyberattacks.

Members will enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Live monthly webinars on critical cybersecurity topics
  • On-demand training sessions
  • Threat intelligence alerts for high-risk cybersecurity threats with recommended actions
  • Executive roundtable events
  • Annual group tabletop simulation
  • Private LinkedIn Group and YouTube channel
  • Special events
  • And more

The program kicks off this month with a live webinar, “Business Continuity: Why We Get It Wrong,” which will explore why organizations struggle to recover from cybersecurity incidents despite having appropriate business continuity plans in place. The session will uncover the fallacy of business continuity in healthcare, including an eye-opening and engaging discussion on how attackers destroy backups, and offer practical solutions for getting business continuity planning right.

“Healthcare cybersecurity threats are growing in both frequency and sophistication,” said John Gomez, Chief Security and Engineering Officer at CloudWave. “Collaboration and information sharing among security professionals and organizations is essential to better defend against attacks, and the Cybersecurity Insider Program is designed to play a crucial role in that effort.”

Registration for the Cybersecurity Insider Program is now open to professionals at hospital and healthcare organizations. Attending the ongoing education sessions can also satisfy regulatory requirements for security training. Don’t miss the opportunity to join this exclusive community and take your healthcare organization’s cybersecurity to the next level.