Withings partners with Airflow Sleep to Provide a Complete Sleep System Empowering People to Improve Sleep Quality and Behavior

Integration allows people to better understand and manage their sleep habits through Airflow Sleep’s patented pillow, Withings’ devices and access to personal sleep advocates

 Withings, leader of the connected health revolution, today announced a partnership with Airflow Sleep, a total sleep solutions and advocacy company that empowers people to improve sleep quality and behavior as essential components to heart, brain and overall physical health.

Launched last month, Withings MED PRO offers customizable solutions for third-party companies to use Withings products to collect, analyze and display data for their users within their own software and app environments. Through the new partnership with MED PRO, Airflow Sleep is now able to offer customers a full sleep solution to track, assess and improve their sleep.

“A lack of quality sleep has serious effects on overall health and well-being,” said Andy Fligor, CEO at Airflow Sleep. “We are dedicated to ending this problem by putting the right tools and technology into consumers’ hands to help them achieve better quality sleep, take back control of their health and live happier lives. Withings has been instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.”

The Airflow Sleep ZO2 Sleep System is a physician-designed sleep offering that is composed of three segments. First, customers receive the Airflow Sleep ZO2 side or back pillow, a revolutionary patented pillow that maximizes ventilation to support proper breathing.

Secondly, they receive Withings Sleep, a clinically tested sensor placed under the mattress that can measure heart rate, respiratory rate, body movements, snoring and that can also analyze sleep stages. Thanks to the unique algorithm developed by Withings, it provides sleep analysis close to polysomnography – the medical gold standard for sleep analysis. They also receive one of Withings’ activity trackers (Move, Pulse HR, Steel HR or Steel HR Sport) to offer users a 24-hour look at their activity and sleep habits. Data collected from the Withings connected health devices are synced with the Airflow Sleep app, allowing users to visualize and monitor their trends.

Finally, the insights collected in the Airflow Sleep app are shared with the company’s sleep advocates, who are available to provide users with support and advice.

Before users receive their devices and start their journeys to better sleep, they participate in a customer assessment that collects information on their health conditions, lifestyle habits and environment to ensure that they are receiving the proper pillow, trackers and support.

“We are proud to partner with Airflow Sleep to provide people with detailed insights and advice that they need to make important improvements to their sleep habits,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. “We launched Withings MED PRO for this very reason—to allow respected companies like Airflow Sleep to utilize our connected health devices to provide in-depth data that can help people improve their health and lifestyles.”

For more information about Airflow Sleep, please visit: airflowsleep.com