Withings Health Solutions Launches Cellular Devices to Eliminate Telehealth Pain Points for Healthcare Professionals and Patients


Health leader makes remote monitoring accessible and simple with cellular-connected smart scales and blood pressure monitors that require no setup and seamlessly transmit data to professionals

Today, Withings, an early pioneer of the connected health revolution, takes another step to bridge the gap between patients and health professionals, unveiling a new business-to-business range of cellular-connected devices designed to eliminate significant pain points of remote patient monitoring. The Withings Body Pro cellular smart scale and Withings BPM Connect Pro cellular blood pressure monitor significantly streamline the telehealth process by working straight out of the box, requiring no setup, and automatically transmitting accurate, secure data to health professionals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for telehealth and at-home monitoring solutions. However, while technology is telehealth’s driving force, it is often a barrier to wide-spread use by patients of all ages, tech proficiency levels and located in areas with limited internet infrastructure. Professional telehealth programs largely fail to reach their potential as product setups, connectivity requirements and the need for smartphones and apps often result in the breakdown of programs.

Withings has more than a decade of experience creating elegantly designed medical-grade devices that fit seamlessly into consumer lifestyles. With features designed to encourage ongoing use, it boasts some of the best user retention rates on the market and is the number one smart scale manufacturer in the United States. Leveraging this expertise, Body Pro and BPM Connect Pro address specific needs of telehealth and allow health professionals to furnish patients with devices that overcome installation and retention problems, motivating them to continue use long-term.

“For telehealth and remote patient monitoring to be successful for health professionals, they must have access to continuous, reliable and accurate at-home data that is collected, transmitted and analyzed in a frictionless, consistent manner,” said Antoine Robiliard, vice president of Withings business-to-business division, Health Solutions. “Connected health products have a central role to play. For optimal results, they must be simple for anyone to use, drive engagement, take medical-grade measurements, be consistently used by patients, and must autonomously transmit private, secure data. Our new cellular range addresses these issues to help bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals and increase the effectiveness of their telehealth programs.”

New Cellular Range

The Withings cellular product portfolio is packed with the market leading features expected from a company with tens of millions of users. Body Pro smart scale uses patented technologies to provide highly accurate weight assessments and is designed to work on all floor surfaces. Additionally, Body Pro has thoughtful design elements, such as providing the daily local weather forecast and weight trends, to encourage users to regularly step on the scale and build lasting habits.

BPM Connect Pro is an advanced at-home blood pressure monitor that provides precise blood pressure readings in moments. Extremely compact, the cuff is lightweight and easy to put on and use, making it simple to carry anywhere and build lasting habits. During readings, it displays results directly on the device via a state-of-the-art LED matrix screen.

Body Pro and BPM Connect Pro make remote patient monitoring simple for patients and professionals alike and offer:

  • Accurate Readings in Moments: Users can get accurate, medical-grade readings in just moments and have immediate feedback after every use.
  • Multi-connectivity Allows Seamless Data Transfer: Thanks to their cellular connectivity, Body Pro and BPM Connect Pro send data instantly to physicians and care providers without any additional steps required from their patients. The Withings Pro line has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in as alternative options to ensure that patient readings are being transmitted daily, even for patients in locations with limited cellular connection. This also allows users to keep using their devices once the programs they are part of end, helping to build more sustainable use.
  • Limited Upkeep Required: In addition to being ready-for-use right out of the box, both devices come with extended battery lives to eliminate the need for frequent charging. Body Pro offers a 12-month battery life, and BPM Connect Pro is rechargeable with a six-month battery life with a single charge.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Withings Health Solutions products and services are fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Third-Party Integration: API and SDK integrations allow Withings devices and data to be integrated into partners’ apps and ecosystems. In addition, Body Pro can be customized to display the partner logo on its screen after each weigh-in.   
  • CPT Eligible:  Health professionals and practices using Withings Pro devices for chronic care management and/or remote patient monitoring can qualify for reimbursement of up to $1,900 per patient per year.

Withings Health Solutions works with health professionals, hospital networks, chronic condition management programs, and remote patient and coaching programs to manage every aspect of device delivery and ongoing support. They can be ordered and delivered directly to patients or supplied to central customer locations. For further information and pricing, please visit withings.com/body-pro and withings.com/bpm-connect-pro.