Wildflower Health Teams with Amazon Alexa to Enable “Hands Free” Baby Tracking for Parents

Family Health by Wildflower Skill Now Available on Alexa-Enabled Devices

Wildflower Health, a leading mobile health software company, today announced the launch of a new Amazon Alexa skill specifically geared to make daily pregnancy and parent tasks more convenient. In cooperation with Amazon, Wildflower is releasing the “Family Health by Wildflower” skill on Alexa to make it easier for moms and dads to manage the health of their families using voice technology.

Wildflower’s Family Health app helps consumers manage the health needs of moms, dads, kids and aging parents. The company’s mobile technology supports families at every age and stage, connecting them with the right resources at the right times.

“Anyone who has spent more than five minutes caring for a newborn can appreciate the advantage of going ‘hands free’ while completing parenting tasks,” said Leah Sparks, founder and CEO of Wildflower. “We’re very excited we worked with Amazon to create a new Alexa skill. This is an extremely convenient way for parents to record newborn-related information while it is top of mind, even when their hands are full.”

Through the new skill – now available on Alexa-enabled devices – busy parents and parents-to-be can use Amazon Alexa to complete and track a variety of information such as:

  •     Baby’s weight
  •     Infant feedings
  •     Diaper changes

Rather than manually entering information in their Wildflower mobile app, users can ask Alexa to create a log, recall information, and more. Through simple voice commands, moms and dads can rely on Amazon Alexa for all of their tracking needs. Specific utterances include:

  •     Alexa, track weight of two pounds.
  •     Alexa, when was the last diaper change?
  •     Alexa, log a breast milk feeding of three ounces at 3:30PM.

To use the Wildflower Alexa skill for the first time, Alexa customers can enable it directly by visiting the Alexa Skills Store through the Alexa app or on Amazon.com.