Zillion Announces Partnership for Cost-Effective, Scalable Digital Health Coaching Solutions

Credit: Shutterstock

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), an award-winning provider of coaching, biometric screening and customized wellness solutions for private and public-sector organizations, and Zillion Group, Inc., a leading technology solution for digital engagement, announced a new strategic partnership to enhance cost-effective, scalable digital health coaching solutions.

This partnership combines WCS’ premier health coaches with Zillion’s best-in-class technology platform to ensure sustained patient engagement. Zillion’s customers will now have access to WCS’ coaching team, which provides users with the tailored areas of support they need, with counseling through mentoring, motivating and cultivating positive choices to help support sustainable engagement. The coaches are also trained to integrate with multiple platforms.

“Where we bring the most value to the patient is giving them the ability to check in with someone more frequently than the check-ins they’d have post-procedure with the doctor,” said Melissa McDonough, Director of Coaching Operations. “Patients receive support, accountability, and motivation from our health coaches, and it’s invaluable to improving outcomes with the procedure. We are also there to support the provider to manage the patients with lifestyle changes that will be necessary.”

Depending on the tailored program and the specific health condition it is addressing, healthcare providers can provide their patients with a variety of one-on-one coaching sessions along with online virtual group-based sessions. Additionally, Zillion’s engagement platform enables patients to interact anytime, anywhere via face-to-face live video conferencing, including one-to-one, group and webcast scheduled or on-demand.

“At Zillion, we are focused on delivering best-in-class resources and in the most effective way possible, in order to produce an overall exceptional user experience for our customers,” said Bill Van Wyck, president and chief innovation officer of Zillion. “We believe that our partnership with Wellness Corporate Solutions definitely fits that mold.”