Walgreens Teams Up with John Legend to Remind Americans This Is Our Shot to Get Back to What Matters

"This is the ticket to getting back to all the things we've been missing out on," says singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, film producer, and philanthropist John Legend.


National launch of “This is Our Shot” campaign encourages COVID-19 vaccination and addresses hesitancy

Walgreens has done a FANTASTIC job with COVID-19 vaccination distribution and education, in general, and specifically in reaching vulnerable populations, whether that’s in rural or urban areas.

Now, the Walgreens “This Is Our Shot” campaign featuring John Legend, which launches this Sunday, will remind Americans that the vaccine is the nation’s opportunity to help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These vaccines are widely available, for the nation and for the world. It is such a beautiful, powerful thing, and I want to make sure as many people take advantage of this opportunity as possible because that’s the ticket to us getting back together, to having concerts, time with family and friends, barbeques, and all the things we’ve been missing out on,” Legend said. “I am proud to team up with Walgreens to encourage everyone to get their COVID-19 vaccination, and help reach communities hit hardest by the pandemic.”

Working with Legend builds on Walgreens multi-faceted approach to ensure consumers are empowered to make an informed decision about getting the vaccine and have equitable access, including:

  • Establishing the Vaccine Equity Initiative to drive equitable access to vaccines, including creating new access solutions, facilitating educational programs that address hesitancy and fostering partnerships that best meet the needs of each community;
  • Advancing Walgreens and Uber’s efforts in collaboration with the Chicago Urban League and other partners to grow confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and provide free rides in socially vulnerable communities where transportation may be a barrier;
  • Joining the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative in an effort to help raise awareness about the importance of COVID-19 vaccines in reducing community spread, most recently contributing to PSAs featuring Walgreens pharmacists;
  • Collaborating with trusted voices like influencers and community leaders to ensure customers have the latest information at their fingertips– for example, Anita Jenkins, CEO of Howard University Hospital;
  • Hosting off-site COVID-19 vaccination clinics in more than 100 underserved communities across the nation; and
  • Leaning into Walgreens approximately 59,000 trained immunizing pharmacy team members to provide patients with relevant, personalized information about the COVID-19 vaccine.


For more information on Walgreens COVID-19 vaccination efforts, visit Walgreens.com/COVIDVaccine.

To schedule a vaccine appointment, visit Walgreens.com/ScheduleVaccine.