VyncaCare Appoints Dr. Angela Poppe Ries as Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer of VyncaCare, Dr. Poppe Ries.

Poppe Ries to Drive Strategy for VyncaCare’s Evolving Supportive Services Model

VyncaCare, a serious illness management platform that couples technology and analytics with supportive services, appointed Dr. Angela Poppe Ries as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).  Poppe Ries previously served as the healthcare organization’s Medical Director.

In late 2022 VyncaCare introduced the company’s supportive care model, a suite of serious illness management resources intended to address a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs to improve an individual’s quality of life and move the center of care to the home. In her role, Poppe Ries will be responsible for overseeing the direction and execution of the company’s strategy for how they are helping patients manage their condition more holistically and better navigate their journey across the healthcare ecosystem to ensure they receive the care they need and want.

“VyncaCare is at a critical inflection point as a healthcare organization as we look to expand the reach and impact of our serious illness management platform to support even more patients residing in rural areas where clinical resources are more limited,” said Dr. Ryan Van Wert, CEO of VyncaCare. “With the appointment of Dr. Angela Poppe Ries, we are infusing our executive team with an additional layer of deep clinical experience gained as a practicing palliative physician.”

Poppe Ries brings to the CMO position extensive clinical experience, having served in leadership roles with a focus on population health and palliative care from her time as a review medical director at Humana as well as medical director at Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine.

“I am thrilled to be allowed to serve as VyncaCare’s Chief Medical Officer and look forward to playing a significant role in shaping how the company approaches serious illness management moving forward,” said Dr. Angela Poppe Ries. “Over the course of my career, I’ve always selected clinical roles that directly supported organizations’ efforts to provide outstanding quality care while enhancing cost-effectiveness, and VyncaCare is no exception. I’m so proud of what we have built so far, and I’m excited to work with Ryan and the rest of the executive leadership team to extend the capabilities of our supportive services model even further in the future.”