Quantum Health Expands Navigation Platform to Support Members Struggling to Provide Caregiving to Their Loved Ones


Company to partner with Cariloop to help self-insured employers empower the over 53 million Americans providing unpaid care at home

Quantum Health, the leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company, announced today the addition of Cariloop, a new Preferred Partner within its Comprehensive Care Solutions platform specifically supporting caregiving. Quantum Health will expand access to services for self-insured employers whose employees that are caregivers, whether it be for aging relatives, dependent children with special needs, or other family members and loved ones. This additional caregiving support comes at a time when millions of individuals are finding themselves balancing elder care and childcare, sometimes simultaneously. Employers are recognizing the need to provide flexible and empathetic support through benefits programs like caregiving to better assist and retain their employees while maintaining workplace productivity.

With over 53 million Americans providing unpaid care to an adult or child with health or functional needs in the home, employers are seeing the impact carried over to the workplace. Nearly 73%  of employees have caregiving responsibilities and spend more than 24 hours per week caring for a loved one. Twenty-six percent of family members have said they have difficulty coordinating care across providers or getting affordable services in their care recipient’s area. The growing caregiving burden on employees not only increases workplace absenteeism from caring for loved ones but can result in health-related issues for the caregiver, reducing overall productivity. As a direct result, the cost to businesses is estimated to exceed $50 billion annually ─ or an estimated $3,200 per employee-per-year.

“Caregiving is a growing and often overlooked challenge for millions of families. The lack of necessary employee support is costing employers billions annually in indirect and hidden ways. Not only does caregiving impact the caregiver physically, emotionally and financially, it can also impact their productivity at work and the productivity of the people around them,” said Dan Shur, Chief Product Officer for Quantum Health. “Adding Cariloop to our Comprehensive Care Solutions platform deepens our unique navigation offering as we look to empower our members and clients with comprehensive support to better manage the unique challenges that caregivers face.”

Through its more than 475 employer clients, Quantum Health has recognized the increasing need for caregiving support and incorporates caregiving solutions proactively through its proprietary care management and Real-Time Intercept® model, offering single point-of-contact care services at the earliest point a member has an issue. Enabled through human-centered engagement, Quantum Health’s Healthcare Warriors® proactively identify where caregiver support may be needed and direct members to the right resource at the right time, resulting in a better experience, reduced stress for the member and reduced absenteeism for the employer. These Warriors assist the member in getting help, whether it be through a support group, respite or even community programs like Meals on Wheels.

“There are millions of caregivers who are lost and confused when navigating the care of their loved ones every day, particularly if they are caring for someone with a complex medical situation or a family member who lives in a different state. We are on a mission to ensure they no longer have to do this alone,” said Julie Devine, Chief Growth Officer for Cariloop. “By partnering with Quantum Health and its proven navigation and care coordination platform, we will now be able to reach more clients and get these employee members the help they need earlier in their journey so they can be more productive and present at work and at home.”

Cariloop helps families plan for and manage every aspect of their caregiving journey with its human-powered Caregiver Support Platform, which pairs caregivers with an experienced and credentialed Care Coach who guides families through care decisions, provides much-needed emotional support and takes much of the burden of researching resources off their plate. The      secure Care Portal is a centralized place where members can communicate with the Care Coach, collaborate with family members involved in the care team, and securely store caregiving documents, all to help relieve the anxiety of balancing work with caring for loved ones. Together, Quantum Health and Cariloop can reach more members and support them sooner, ultimately providing the right care at the right time.