Vivalink Releases 14-Day Live Stream Wearable ECG Patch for Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring

Rechargeable multi-parameter wearable patch enables continuous and real time monitoring of remote patients

Vivalink, a provider of digital healthcare solutions, has launched the newest version of its multi-parameter wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) patch with continuous 14-day live stream capabilities. With Vivalink’s new patch, extended duration remote ECG monitoring can be performed with a single application of the patch, thereby reducing both clinician and patient burden. In addition, the real time streaming capabilities let clinicians remotely view a patient’s live ECG anywhere anytime.

Continuous or live monitoring of ECG may be indicated for post-op care after cardiac catheterization, cardiac surgery, ablation, and cryptogenic stroke. For example, a 14-day mobile cardiac telemetry session can be performed with a single application of the patch. And at any given time, a cardiologist can view the patient’s ECG live as though the patient is in the clinic, to adjudicate events such as arrhythmias and to confirm the patient’s current status.

“Advancements in digital healthcare technologies are enabling a new class of applications such as acute patient monitoring and virtual hospitals,” said Jiang Li, CEO of Vivalink. “The new 14-day ECG patch is just another example of Vivalink’s innovation in the world of digital healthcare solutions.”

In addition to parameters such as HRV, respiratory rate, and skin temperature, other features of the 14-day ECG patch include:
  • Step Count – ability to measure the number of steps taken

  • Activity Level – ability to measure the intensity of movement

  • Posture Detection – ability to detect position

  • 14-Day Adhesive – water resistant, continuous wear

Together with Vivalink’s other medical wearable sensors, the monitoring of human vitals (e.g. ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, Sp02, blood pressure) can be performed remotely, continuously, and in real time.
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