Hyfe AI Plans Digital Therapeutic Launch to Provide End-to-End Care for Cough Suffers

Strategic board members from the digital therapeutics and behavioral cough space join Hyfe AI as they prepare for their next step as an end-to-end cough company.

Hyfe, Inc., an AI-powered cough detection, tracking and classification company, is expanding into chronic cough treatment with the world’s first digital therapeutic. The company has cracked the code on how to monitor cough, gaining insights on how to improve patients’ lives, and they are preparing to take the next step as an end-to-end cough company.

Hyfe is the leader in cough monitoring with over 700 million sounds in its cough database. It can track and detect cough with 99%+ accuracy on any mic-enabled device with no need for patient intervention while preserving patient privacy. The company is prepared to provide end-to-end care for cough sufferers. Using speech therapy to fix and suppress coughs, Hyfe is working on a digital therapeutic that will direct chronic sufferers with breathing exercises via their mobile device. Despite affecting about 10% of the general population, there has been no new cough medicine for over 60 years. With current medications being ineffective and or toxic, a digital therapeutic is a needed and timely option. Used as a standalone treatment, or in combination with medicines, it offers hope to these underserved patients.

In order to achieve this next milestone, Hyfe AI has strategically added two new members to its Scientific Advisory Board to support its expansion into digital therapeutics  and behavioral cough suppression therapy. George Savage, M.D.  is a clinician, serial medical entrepreneur and investor with deep experience in digital therapeutics. He has successfully taken multiple ideas through the full lifecycle from conception to funding, development, regulatory approval, commercialization and exit. He also co-founded Proteus Digital Health, a pioneer in obtaining FDA approval for integrated drug-device combinations. In addition, Hyfe brought on Laurie Slovarp, PhD, CCC-SLP, a world leader in behavioral cough suppression therapy. Laurie treats chronic cough in her clinic and leads NIH-funded studies on cough hypersensitivity syndrome and cough suppression therapy.

“Cough is one of the primary symptoms of any respiratory disease and at Hyfe we’re paving the way for patients and consumers to accurately track, understand and now treat their cough,” said Dr. Peter Small, CMO of Hyfe AI. “Savage and Slovarp’s expertise and addition to the Scientific Advisory Board positions Hyfe to bring an entirely novel therapeutic modality to improve the lives of these underserved patients.”

For more information, visit hyfe.ai.