Veritas Medical Solutions Launches SmartVue™ Cancer Treatment Center Design Solution to Improve Patient Experience

In addition to allowing natural light into treatment facilities, Veritas solutions dramatically reduce design and construction time; Latest innovation revealed at ASTRO 2016

Veritas Medical Solutions, a world leader in the design, production and installation of factory manufactured radiation shielded treatment facilities, today unveiled its latest cancer treatment center technology, SmartVue™ Natural Light Windows for shielded bunkers.

With SmartVue, for the first time, radiation treatment rooms will have windows to the outside world, giving patients a more hopeful experience, exposing them to a more natural environment before and after treatment. SmartVue will be on display at The American Society for Radiation Oncology annual meeting, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, from September 25-28, 2016, booth 9118.

A No-Compromise Cancer Center Design Innovation

“Understandably, cancer treatment centers have to be designed and built with a focus on preventing radiation leakage. This has led to the broadly accepted view that bunkers and doors are all that shielding providers can reasonably deliver,” said David Farrell, president and CEO, Veritas Medical Solutions. “As advocates for a quality patient experience, we have always pushed for better innovation. SmartVue Natural Light Windows, rooted in our proven VeriShield technology, is a no-compromise design solution that we believe will improve the experience of patients, oncologists, physicists and administrators—everyone in the continuum of cancer care.”

Veritas Approach Gains Global Momentum

Veritas is committed to building a better patient and treatment experience and healing environment, both domestically and internationally. Sixty percent of Veritas treatment centers are global, including recent projects in Australia, Italy, Poland and Singapore.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing demand for cancer treatment around the world. Construction of facilities can typically take up to six months, in addition to months of engineering and design prior to construction. New methods and materials pioneered by Veritas allow the construction of shielded treatment spaces in as little as one week—and entire medical cancer treatment campuses in as little as ten weeks.