UCSF Digital Health Awards Names Conversa Health “Best Remote Diagnostics Company” of the Year

Conversa is a recognized leader in virtual care and automated remote patient management.

Conversa’s automated virtual care platform recognized in prestigious awards competition for delivering improved health outcomes for patients

The UCSF Digital Health Awards has recognized Conversa Health as the “best remote diagnostics company” for 2020. Conversa Health was among more than 750 companies from across the globe that entered in 10 categories of the prestigious awards program produced by the UCSF Health Hub.

“Companies like Conversa are moving to actualize the shift to continuous, connected, proactive, contextualized, data- and insight-driven healthcare outside the traditional four walls of the hospital,” said presenting category judge Dr. Daniel Kraft, Chair for Medicine at Singularity University and Founder & Chair of Exponential Medicine. “Conversa’s remote diagnostics and monitoring is a key part of this transformational shift which leverages virtual care anytime, anywhere, and does it at lower costs with more convenience, earlier diagnostics, more personalized care and better outcomes.”

Hundreds of hospitals rely on Conversa, including prominent health systems such as Northwell Health, UCSF Health, UNC Health, University Hospitals, Prisma HealthSCL Health and others. Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care and Triage™ platform enables health systems to remotely engage, monitor and manage patients and employees more effectively and efficiently than ever before—for chronic care, acute discharge, perioperative, oncology, OBGYN, prevention and wellness, and more. By automating remote management of vulnerable populations with Conversa, health systems are able to significantly cut the cost of patient calls, reduce hospital readmissions, increase adherence to treatment plans, and reduce unnecessary no-shows and cancellations of important procedures.

Proven remote care success with COVID-19
The UCSF Digital Awards event also recognized Conversa as a quarter-finalist in the COVID-19 Mitigating Solution category. Conversa was one of the first digital health companies to respond in March with a suite of COVID-19 Virtual Care Solutions, helping hospitals increase care delivery capacity by automating the outreach to and monitoring of vulnerable patient and employee populations. Health organizations and employers are using Conversa to perform symptom checking and triage, provide check-ins with quarantined patients, deliver lab results and screen employees, patients and visitors.

One of those health organizations is Northwell Health, which has been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 response, having cared for 84,000 COVID-19 patients, more than any health system in the country. Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health, and also a keynote at the UCSF Digital Health Awards event stated: “Our partnership with digital health companies such as Conversa proved invaluable. Even before COVID-19, Northwell has been expanding its work with Conversa over the last few years as they are a critical component of Northwell Health’s vision for virtual health, further strengthening the provider-patient relationship through personalized, insightful engagement. Northwell has been successfully using Conversa to scale its communications and care for thousands of COVID-19 patients with programs focused on lab results, quarantine, antibody tests and more. We co-launched a Coronavirus Test and Antibody Results Chat Program sharing lab results to approximately 145,000 Northwell patients, providing guidance and resources based on their result. We look forward to our continued engagement with them in this journey.”

Conversa’s COVID-19 virtual care programs have been made available to millions of people and have been used for hundreds of thousands of employee screens over the last month. Also, Conversa was first to help America return to work safely with its Employee HealthCheck™ program for large employers in many sectors of the economy, including retail, manufacturing, universities and other businesses. This solution was created in partnership with UCSF Health, and peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA).

Recognized virtual health innovator
The UCSF Digital Health Award is just the latest award for Conversa. Conversa’s automated virtual care technology and its library of evidence-based Conversational Care Pathways™ have received several industry accolades that underscore its proven performance. Recently, Frost & Sullivan recognized Conversa with its North American Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for patient care management, praising Conversa Health “for moving the healthcare industry closer to the successful realization of an end-to-end digital health experience.” In addition, Conversa was named:

  • “Digital Health Disrupter & Leader” by Juniper;
  • “Top Patient Engagement Innovator” by IDC;
  • “Leading Care Management Virtual Health Assistant” by HealthXL; and
  • “Top Patient Relationship Management Solution” by Chilmark Research.

“We’re incredibly honored to receive this UCSF Digital Health Award recognizing Conversa as a leader in delivering remote care solutions,“ said Murray Brozinsky, Conversa’s CEO. “This is a testament to the passion and dedication of our team and our work with so many innovative health system partners. Automated remote patient management strengthens the bonds between patients and care teams, collects essential data for better clinical decision making, performs ongoing risk stratification, automates care where possible, and intelligently triages to the next level of care when needed.”