StartUp Health’s New Rolling Impact Fund Makes It Easy for Clinicians, Patients, and Organizations to Invest in Health Moonshots

New member-driven ‘StartUp Health Moonshots Impact Fund’ enables accredited clinicians, patients, families, and organizations to automatically invest in a global portfolio of private companies dedicated to achieving health moonshots via a flexible quarterly subscription.

Currently, StartUp Health has 245 active portfolio companies, ranging from pre-seed to post-IPO. StartUp Health portfolio companies have raised more than $2.8B in funds from more than 450 co-investors, including many of the most notable VCs in the industry. To date, there have been 27 exits from the portfolio.

“Some of these 27 acquisitions have been lucrative and some have not, but through it all, we’ve gained experience and perspective on the market,” says Unity Stoakes, President, Co-founder, and Managing Partner at StartUp Health. “One of the things we’ve learned that creates opportunity is investing in traditionally under-represented entrepreneurs. We’re proud to say that the StartUp Health portfolio is made up of 32% female founders, 33% BIPOC founders, 25% physician and PhD founders, and 16% serial entrepreneurs.”

In creating the StartUp Health Moonshots Impact Fund, one major goal is simplicity. All relevant information can be found at and accredited investors can sign up to attend an Impact Fund informational webinar. Tiered investment minimums apply for health professionals, individuals, and organizations. Members in the fund can increase their investment at any time, and after four quarters in the fund, they can pause or reduce their investment.

“We believe that one of the critical ingredients to achieving health moonshots is to invite to the table investors and partners who have a similar mindset,” says Krein. “We need families, doctors, and organizations who care as much about these health moonshots as we do. We believe that as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re truly in a unique moment in time for health innovation. The world has changed, and so has the opportunity for investing in health innovation.”

StartUp Health has an Impact Board currently composed of 12 health leaders including people like Dr. Toby Crosgrove, the former CEO of the Cleveland Clinic; Sue Siegel, former CEO of GE Ventures; Margaret Laws, CEO of Hope Labs; and Way to Wellville CEO, Esther Dyson.