SPsoft Leveraging AI to Advance Preventive Care


As the shift toward virtual care continues, hospitals are emerging as a central hub of health data. Routine data points such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate come into the EHR through a variety of remote patient monitoring tools. Case managers get help with their massive case loads through simple alerts that are put in place to quickly notify the care team if any one of these travels out of the normal range.

While that’s helpful, a wide variety of sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence tools are coming to market that can analyze and extrapolate this data to identify patients who are at risk to present with specific life-threatening or chronic conditions in the future, such as heart, lung or kidney disease. These emerging tools allow early intervention and serve the best interests of the patients, payers and providers.

SPsoft Founder and CEO Michael Lazar, understands this problem. “Preventive care offers tremendous value. That’s why we partnered with leading AI companies specialized in this area – to offer our clients telehealth and virtual care platform development with advanced health risks prediction capabilities that leverage RPM data and decrease hospitalizations.”

Most organizations agree with the benefit but lack resources to roll out the required technology quickly and in a scalable manner. Companies need a development partner that knows healthcare and can offer strategy and guidance in addition to technology talent. SPsoft provides that blend, offering a clear path between patients, vendors, and payers to quickly develop patient-facing mobile apps, clinical decision support systems, analytics dashboards, preventive care AI for heart, lungs and kidney.

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SPsoft Founder Michael Lazor will be at ViVE, March 26-29, 2023, in Nashville. You can obtain more information about the company’s services in this overview.