SnapMD Strengthens Virtual Care Management Programming Interface with Rules Engine Software

Administrative Interface Advancements Make SnapMD the Only Telehealth Platform to Offer Compound Rules Functions for Hospital and Health System Intelligent Processes

SnapMD, a full-service telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider, today announced that it has significantly upgraded its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform by adding custom patient groups, and advancing the workflows and rules engine within their administrative interface. These bleeding-edge upgrades enhance the platform’s intelligent workflow system, adding more options for customized rules that can control patient registration and automate patient visibility/routing in the queue for the digital exam room, and laying the foundation for more automation controls and workflows in future iterations.

SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform is leading the way for healthcare providers to implement telehealth within their digital health strategy and existing operating models. Further driving the company’s telehealth innovation is the update of the first-of-its-kind rules engine for the administrative interface. The advancement expands the compound rules criteria with more flexible options, allowing administrators to group patients and create rules ensuring that those patients are only visible to specific provider groups. This allows healthcare operators to create patient and provider groups to help streamline workflows and patient routing. As a result, the update provides further visibility into which patients are available to be seen by specific providers, ensuring that the proper physician is assigned to each individual patient.

“SnapMD is committed to creating state-of-the-art telehealth technology that can be scaled for our hospital and health system providers,” explained George Tierney, chief operating officer and executive vice president of product development, SnapMD. “By enhancing intelligent process capabilities with the new rules engine software update, we’re further outpacing marketplace competitors with our comprehensive, turnkey enterprise-level telehealth platform. Our unique technology enables our partner organizations to innovate with all the functionalities needed to deliver virtual care.”

As the market leading enterprise telehealth platform, the VCM platform is scalable, offering the opportunity to weave in multiple service lines to connect across the care enterprise. With SnapMD, you can launch telemedicine in one department and strategically introduce the digital exam room into your workflow today, while laying the groundwork to extend the telehealth ecosystem to other services lines in the future.

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