SenionLab Launches StepInside, a Powerful Indoor Positioning System Suite

Components Ensure Accurate Positioning and Enable Location-Based Services

SenionLab, developers of cutting-edge indoor positioning systems (IPS), today unveiled StepInside, a new offering that combines several of SenionLab IPS hardware and software solutions into a comprehensive suite designed for accurate indoor positioning for mobile devices.

The new bundled suite includes the StepInside SDK (software development kit) and enterprise-grade StepInside Beacons. Also included is the StepInside Installation app that facilitates beacon installation, radio data collection and system calibration.

“Much as a GPS technology provides positioning outdoors, StepInside identifies the location of Android and iOS mobile devices in indoor environments,” said Christian Lundquist, SenionLab Co-founder and CEO. “Developers building apps with our proven and widely-implemented StepInside IPS technology can create true location-based services, such as apps that helps consumers navigate a shopping mall or aid patients in making their way to appointments in large medical facilities.”

The StepInside SDK offers location readings in latitude, longitude and floor level – all in real time. The SDK can easily be integrated into any smartphone application. StepInside relies on an advanced sensor fusion algorithm that works with the smartphone’s movement and radio sensors to provide accurate and robust positioning.

“The integrated suite really simplifies the process for app developers and systems integrators to purchase and implement SenionLab’s robust IPS technology as their platform of choice for location-based services (LBS),” said Marcus Andersson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  

“Phunware delivers industry leading mapping, wayfinding and location-based services for hospitals, airports, malls and other venues in multiple industries,” said Luan Dang, CTO and co-founder of mobile solution provider Phunware. “The StepInside SDK by SenionLab is an important piece of our solution which provides accurate indoor positioning for our mapping technologies. SenionLab is a great partner to work with as we deploy to sites across the world.”

Today’s announcement is the first offering of the StepInside family.


  • StepInside provides a smooth, accurate and responsive user experience, in real time.
  • StepInside Beacons engineered specifically for IPS use; the small, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) boxes have a 5- to 8-year lifespan.
  • StepInside Beacons are FCC and CE approved, and have an IP67 rating for dust and water protection, making them ideal for use in enclosed outdoor spaces such as parking garages.
  • System administrators can quickly install beacons, generate radio maps and test the system, usually within one day or less.
  • Intelligent algorithms in StepInside compensate for the diverse antenna characteristics from different smartphone manufacturers.
  • StepInside supports PNG, DWG, PDF and JPG map file formats.


StepInside is customizable with service plug-ins, available for an additional charge:

  • StepInside Analytics – SenionLab’s cloud-based analytics tool for in-depth analysis of positioning data offers statistical insights such as congested areas, or visitor flows within a venue.  Includes APIs for integration with other systems.
  • StepInside Beacon Management – This cloud-based interface monitors and manages the beacon network health for both the overall network and individual beacons.
  • StepInside Wayfinder – In a StepInside-powered app, this functionality allows for users to interact with points of interest in a venue and receive dynamic turn-by-turn guidance to those locations.
  • StepInside GeoMessenger – This tool allows mobile app users to interact with a venue based on their current location. GeoMessenger allows the system administrators to manage the virtual indoor zones and tailor customer interactions through a simple and intuitive web interface.

StepInside is available for purchase now; SenionLab already has made its first sale of the integrated offering to a major shopping center company which will implement StepInside at dozens of its locations globally. Today, SenionLab also announced that Jeju International Airport in South Korea is deploying StepInside, through app developer Atcarta.