SenionLab Integrates Micello Maps into its Indoor Positioning Based Analytics Suite, StepInside

Micello and SenionLab partnership enables hospital and clinics to provide accurate indoor maps for improvising and enhancing indoor positioning, analytics and location-aware services to patients

Micello, Inc. the leading global provider of indoor maps has integrated their maps into SenionLab’s StepInside, the company’s robust Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology platform, for location-based services (LBS). SenionLab is a Sweden-based global leader in providing indoor positioning solutions.

“Partnering with Micello and its huge global indoor maps collection positions us well for providing our services globally,” said Christian Lundquist, Co-founder & CEO of SenionLab. “This unique integration of Micello maps into our platform offers a smart roadmap for businesses to excel in providing location-based services to their customers as well as in obtaining a real-time analytics and statistical data for enhancing the customer experience.”

StepInside is a customizable, cloud-based tool offering a variety of service plug-ins:

  • StepInside Analytics provides in-depth analysis and statistical insights about crowded areas or visitor flow in a venue.
  • StepInside Beacon Management manages and monitors overall network and individual beacons.
  • StepInside Wayfinder, enables the users to interact with points of interest within a venue.
  • StepInside GeoMessenger lets users to interact with a venue based on their current location.

All the four plug-ins are now integrated with and leverage Micello’s indoor maps.

“We have a long association with SenionLab and are super excited to have them in our global marketplace,” said Ankit Agarwal CEO of Micello, “We’re glad to connect our platforms together for seamless integration of our indoor maps. Our mutual customers can now automatically use Micello maps with SenionLab’s StepInside suite.”