Salesforce Unveils the Next Phase of Dreampass
Plus Health and Safety Innovations to Navigate
In-Person Events


The Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook, available to any business as a free resource, offers best practices for hosting attendees more safely at live events

Salesforce’s Dreampass is now available for organizations to bring people back together to help enable safer experiences by easily applying health protocols to events

Over the last 20 months, businesses and consumers have adapted to nationwide lockdowns,  digital-first work and virtual healthcare. As people and organizations continue to adjust to a  changing pandemic and emerging COVID-19 variants, they are also looking for ways to resume  gatherings in person in this new world.  

Today, Salesforce is releasing the next phase of Dreampass along with other health and safety  innovations — including the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and verifiable  credential management — to help every organization build trusted environments, bring people  together more safely, and help deliver a healthy future.

“The world is craving more opportunities to get back together again in person,” said Meredith  Flynn-Ripley, SVP of CRM Product Management, Salesforce. “In this evolving pandemic,  organizations need a robust, agile way to more effectively and safely deliver in-person  experiences as part of their day-to-day operations. Now, with Salesforce’s new health and  safety innovations, organizations can create more secure, safe, and verifiable workflows and  deploy applications that help protect employees, customers, and communities at events.” 


Gather together in-person safely with Salesforce’s support 

Traditional monitoring and health status management is complex, cumbersome, and manual.  Organizations need a robust, scalable way to streamline COVID-19 safety protocols. Together,  the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and Dreampass provide technology along  with best practices to help businesses more effectively and safely deliver in-person experiences. 

As the pandemic evolves, Salesforce’s strategy and execution for hosting events has evolved  with it. And now, Salesforce is bringing some of the lessons learned and insights gained in  producing Dreamforce 2021 to the public with a free resource to help other organizations  reintroduce in-person events. 

Co-authored by Salesforce Chief People Officer Brent Hyder and Chief Marketing Officer Sarah  Franklin, the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook includes sections on: 

  • Assembling the right team of experts 
  • Leading with COVID-19 vaccines and testing 
  • Embracing on-site protocols and practices 
  • Creating an easy, tech-enabled experience, and; 
  • Investing in preparation along with transparent, proactive communication  

“Informed by scientific data and clinical expertise, the Salesforce Event Health and Safety  Playbook provides organizations with best practices they need to safely manage in-person  events,” said Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Medical Officer, Salesforce. “The playbook provides  lessons, best practices and insights surrounding our own experience hosting in-person events  that we’re excited to share with others.” 

In today’s uncertain health environment, vaccines and testing are critical for getting us together  more safely in concert with secure, personalized, and timely communications that help build  trust between organizations and consumers. Research from Salesforce’s Connected Health  Consumer Report recently found that consumers who trust health organizations are over six  times more likely to opt into timely communications. 

Now, with Salesforce’s evolution of Dreampass, any organization can create safer and more  trusted event experiences. Available in January, Dreampass will enable organizations to scale collection and verification of COVID-19 health status, such as managing proof of vaccination  and integrating with COVID-19 testing vendors.  

With Dreampass, organizations can create agile, automated communications that inform  attendees about event procedures and policies. Dreampass centralizes data such as event  registration, customer information, and COVID-19 health status for each attendee and then  generates a secure, multifactor credential for the event.

Verifiable health credentialing for employers, customers, and communities
wherever they are  

Evolving ways to share vaccination and testing status, Salesforce is expanding into verifiable  credential management (VCM) with the recent acquisition of Credential Master. This makes it  possible for partners to directly integrate with Dreampass and the Salesforce platform.  Employees and customers will be able to share their COVID-19 health status or vaccine  credentials with organizations through QR codes in digital wallets with a single tap, and their  health status will be securely recorded and shared with Dreampass for future events. 

VCM is an open ecosystem that will allow other verifiable credential providers to integrate with  Dreampass. The expansion into the VCM space will also allow Salesforce to build verifiable  credentials into other offerings.

Innovating in an evolving pandemic  

Today, organizations are expected to keep employees and customers healthy and safe. To  become a trusted enterprise, every organization and business needs to build health and safety  into its day-to-day processes from in-person gatherings to customer events.