RxLightning Selects Kathleen Bresette as Chief Revenue Officer


After recent funding round, specialty pharma admin suite adds industry veteran.

RxLightning has hired former-DrFirst industry leader Kathleen Bresette to serve as chief revenue officer, a first for the start-up company dedicated to easing the administrative processes associated with specialty pharmaceuticals for providers.

That company closed on $17.5 million venture funding in April, bringing their total cap raise to $20.5 million since formation in 2020. 

In her most recent role, Bresette led business development and client strategy DrFirst Inc. There she built the company’s pharmaceutical sales division, experience that will serve her well at RxLighning. Earlier in her career, Bresette was the chief revenue officer for Physicians Interactive (now Aptus Health). 

At RxLightning, Bresette main responsibility will be market adoption, from building a sales team to bottom-line revenue generation. 

Bresette and RxLightning CEO Julia Regan are not strangers. The pair worked together during their mutual time at DrFirst. 

“I have tremendous respect for Kathleen. I have high expectations for our company and especially for her role, but I have no doubt that she’s up to the task!” Regan said.

RxLightning streamlines the specialty pharmaceutical enrollment process for more than 1300 medications. It’s free to providers and increases operational efficiency while potentially improving patient outcomes as they benefit from faster access to the medications they need. The system can potentially serve as a new revenue source for providers and help with medication affordability for patients.