Remote COVID-19 Health Screens Enable Safe Return for Employees, Students

Conversa's HealthCheck program allows workers, students and shoppers to quickly screen for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure risk from their homes.

Millions of Conversa HealthCheckTM screens have been performed for health systems, universities, retailers and other companies helping people get back to their offices and schools safely

A growing number of leading health systems, universities and employers are partnering with Conversa Health to remotely screen employees, patients, students and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure risk. More than 115,000 health and safety screens are completed each day with Conversa’s HealthCheck program, developed in partnership with UCSF Health.

Prominent health systems such as Prisma Health and SCL Health have recently launched programs on the heels of Conversa’s success with leading health systems such as Northwell Health, UCSF Health, UNC Health and University Hospitals. Using Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care and Triage™ platform and its COVID-19 Virtual Care Programs, these health systems have been virtually engaging, monitoring and managing patients and their employees more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Managing health remotely

Prisma Health is an 18-hospital health system and South Carolina’s largest private employer with nearly 30,000 team members. Prisma has been using Conversa in several areas: Conversa’s automated screener and triage solution for symptom checking, education and triage to local testing and care resources; for its employees (performed over 100,000 HealthCheck screens); and to support employers and universities in the region to reopen safely. Prisma plans to add other Conversa COVID-19 programs to help patients further manage this ongoing health crisis.

“Prisma Health uses digital health tools to meet our community members where they are,” said Dr. Nick Patel, chief digital officer of Prisma Health. “Working with Conversa has allowed us to engage at scale with patients, employees, local employers and community members—they expand our capacity by providing automated, personalized interactions that allow our care teams to devote more of their time to hands-on caregiving. The future of healthcare includes automated virtual care, and today’s clear leader is Conversa.”

SCL Health, an eight-hospital system serving Colorado and Montana, connects with patients through Conversa’s Screener & Triage tool and screens its workforce with Conversa’s Employee HealthCheck.

“We have an ongoing need to virtually care for and communicate with our patients and employees, and this need has only been accelerated by COVID-19,” said Mona Baset, VP, Digital Services at SCL Health. “Conversa is helping us more effectively engage with the communities we serve. Conversa’s automated tools enable our patients and employees to check their symptoms from home, access valuable information and connect with the right type of care if needed. In partnership with Conversa, we were able to provide these tools extremely quickly, when they were needed most.”

Conversa has also been helping several universities return to campuses and classrooms. Trinity University in San Antonio requires students, faculty and other employees coming to campus to complete Conversa’s University HealthCheckTM program daily. In addition, Trinity uses aggregated, de-identified data from University HealthCheck in its contact tracing program to look for early signs of COVID-19 hot spots on campus.

“While our faculty, staff and students are excited to be back on campus, we must work to provide the safest possible environment for them to live, learn, work and play,” said Tess Coody-Anders, Trinity University’s vice president for strategic communications and marketing. “Conversa’s University HealthCheck efficiently serves as an early warning system in our comprehensive reopening plan focused on testing, tracing and coordinating treatment for members of our community.”

Driving shift to virtual care

“A growing number of organizations are making Conversa a key part of their plans to adapt to COVID-19 and maintain a safe environment inside healthcare facilities, businesses and schools,” said Conversa’s CEO Murray Brozinsky. “Patients, employees and students need virtual options to keep them connected without getting infected. Automated care and triage ensures everybody is cared for while allowing care teams to spend their precious time on problems that require a human touch. It’s an honor to partner with these organizations to help hundreds of thousands of people stay safe and healthy each and every day.”

Conversa helps organizations automate remote management of vulnerable patient and employee populations. Health systems are able to significantly cut the cost of outbound patient calls, reduce hospital readmissions, increase adherence to treatment plans, and reduce unnecessary no-shows and cancellations of important elective procedures.

Conversa’s library of evidence-based Conversational Care Pathways™ can be configured for the way a health system delivers care and covers use cases ranging from chronic care, acute discharge, perioperative, oncology, OBGYN, prevention and wellness, and more.

To support Conversa’s continued growth, a group of healthcare investors, including the venture arms of Northwell Health and University Hospitals and Builders VC, invested $12 million in a Series B funding round earlier this year. To learn more about Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care platform and its easy-to-launch COVID-19 HealthCheck screeners, please visit