RapidAI Announces New Continuing Education Credits

Leader in Cerebrovascular and Vascular Imaging Expands Clinical Learning and Development Offerings through Rapid U

RapidAI, the leader in clinical learning and development for stroke, aneurysm, and other cerebrovascular and vascular conditions, today announced the availability of Continuing Education (CE) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for healthcare teams through its Rapid U training and education program.

The new learning modules offered through Rapid U help healthcare professionals meet ongoing clinical education requirements and earn credits to keep their licenses current while simultaneously becoming proficient with RapidAI products and effectively integrating them into their site’s workflow

“Today’s healthcare practitioners need hands-on training and education that seamlessly fits into their workloads,” Don Listwin, CEO of RapidAI, said. “By offering courses with CE and CME credits through Rapid U, we’re proud to make the program a convenient one-stop resource for entire medical teams to expand their professional knowledge and master their usage of RapidAI products to positively impact patient outcomes.”

Free to all RapidAI customers, Rapid U provides access to self-paced online courses on how to use RapidAI technology; live virtual and onsite training led by physicians, nurses, stroke coordinators and technologists; and performance-support content including case studies, publications, quick reference guides and more. Rapid U training and education content is customized for hospitals and health systems to support their workflows, and each user’s experience is tailored to suit their specific function through a series of role-based learning paths.

“Rapid U has evolved into a comprehensive clinical learning and development resource customized for a site’s specific needs and the individual user’s role,” Haig Soghigian, VP of Global Services at RapidAI, said. “Not only are medical teams provided with easy access to courses that help them meet their continuing education requirements, but they’re also expanding their knowledge of the vascular and cerebrovascular conditions that face their patients every single day.”

CE and CME credits are offered through a combination of online courses that can be accessed from the Rapid U Learning Management System (LMS) and live, virtual training led by expert instructors. CE credits are currently available for radiologic technologists. A limited number of CME credits for physicians and CE credits for nurses, stroke coordinators and paramedics are also being offered, with expanded availability beginning in July.

For more information or to get started, please visit https://www.rapidai.com/continuing-education.