Quil and People Power Announce Strategic Partnership for the “AgeTech” Market


The partnership has enabled Quil to utilize People Power’s AI and IoT technology for its Aging-at-Home solutions

Quilthe digital health joint venture between Comcast and Independence Health Group, joined People Power, a Palo Alto-based provider of AI and IoT technology for physical spaces, in announcing a strategic partnership that combines the strength of these companies to bring innovative senior and caregiver solutions to the market.

In April, Quil announced the limited commercial availability of Quil Assure™, the company’s new connected home platform for seniors and their caregiversThe Quil Assure product incorporates People Power’s AI and Internet of Things platform, which utilizes ambient sensors placed strategically around a senior’s living space to discreetly monitor daily routines and notify a senior’s ‘Care Circle’ of any unusual developments.

“We are very excited to partner with People Power to solve an urgent market need for technology tools that support seniors and their caregivers while respecting seniors’ independence and privacy,” said Carina Edwards, CEO of Quil. “This partnership helps Quil get closer to achieving our mission of helping people organize and navigate their health lives in partnership with their providers, health plans, and loved ones.”

“Quil Assure leverages the most powerful AI platform for homes and communities, uniquely enabling the Quil team to personalize their own human-like AI Caregiving experiences for each family,” said David Moss, CEO of People Power Company. “This partnership is in perfect alignment with our mission to reduce caregiver burden while respecting boundaries for multi-generational families who deserve the peace-of-mind that’s delivered by Quil Assure.”

“Caring for a loved one with dementia is the most difficult job I’ve ever had,” said user Deb W. “This system is super helpful for a variety of reasons; it gives me real-time data about my loved one and alerts me to situations that need my attention.”

With this partnership, both companies plan to continue to collaborate and bring innovative AI enabled health-tech senior focused solutions for aging-at-home.

“As of 2021, almost a quarter of heads of US broadband households report either currently caring for a loved one or expecting to provide care in the next five years; a majority of the cared-for population resides in their own home or a relative’s home,” said Elizabeth Parks, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Parks Associates. “Consumers want to maintain their independence, and Quil and People Power are working together and providing an advanced solution expanding the reach of valuable services for consumers and caregivers”.

Quil and People Power are scheduled to deliver a joint keynote at the upcoming Parks Associates “Connected Health Summit” on June 16, where Edwards and Gene Wang, People Power’s Executive Chairman and Chief Scientist, will discuss the changing face of healthcare and the need to care for the caregivers amidst the “Silver Tsunami” as the senior population expands and more care is moved to the home. For more information on this keynote and the Connected Health Summit, click here.