Qualcomm’s Capsule Software Named 2015-2016 Best in KLAS for Medical Device Integration Systems

Qualcomm Incorporated announced that Capsule Technologie, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Life, Inc., and its DataCaptor™ software has been awarded Category Leader for medical device integration systems, according to the annual “2015-16 Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Services” report.  Receiving this award for the second consecutive year, Capsule’s DataCaptor (now SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System) enables hospitals to effectively integrate medical device data into their electronic medical record systems and other enterprise applications.

DataCaptor (now SmartLinx) is one of healthcare’s most widely deployed medical device integration solutions.  SmartLinx empowers healthcare organizations to go beyond sending device data to their EMRs by harnessing the power of that data to enable applications for patient surveillance, alarms and alerts, tracking and device performance, and clinical decision support. Recent Capsule product releases include its SmartLinx Vitals PlusÔ, an innovative, FDA 510(k) patient monitoring system that uniquely integrates vital signs monitoring and clinical documentation into one scalable platform.

The title of “Best in KLAS” is highly coveted recognition reserved for vendor solutions that lead the software and services segments with the broadest operational and clinical impact on healthcare organizations.  The category leader recognition is a direct result of feedback from healthcare professionals based on their experience with the solution and vendor performance. Based on the 2015-16 report, Capsule’s DataCaptor (now SmartLinx) received an overall performance score of 87.0 out of 100. KLAS scores were determined based on the following key areas: Sales & Contracting, Implementation & Training, Functionality & Upgrades, Service & Support and General Company.

“While KLAS awards are tied to a specific product and product category, the award recognizes virtually every area of an organization,” said John McHutcheon, vice president of operations, Capsule Technologie. “Beyond citing the quality and stability of our SmartLinx MDIS, it also emphasizes our commitment to our customers at every level, from product development, to sales and marketing, to our implementation teams. As with last year, the award continues to affirm that Capsule is delivering products and services as promised. “

To review Capsule’s KLAS performance data and read comments from their customers, please visit: www.klasresearch.com