Pulsara Offers Mobile Software to Improve EMS-Hospital Communications and Patient Safety at No Cost

Pulsara is giving away their Prehospital Alerting Package to all EMS teams and hospitals at no charge. This includes the ability to alert and communicate for any case type.

Pulsara, the mobile software application that streamlines communication between EMS and hospitals ultimately improving patient care, recently launched its new Prehospital Alerting Package. Pulsara is offering the package at no cost to EMS agencies and at no cost temporarily to hospitals in the United States who sign up through April, 2017.

The Prehospital Package expands on Pulsara’s previous STEMI and stroke patient features by including the ability for EMS providers to alert emergency rooms from the field for any patient type. When a medic transports a patient, she can transmit information about the patient, including vital signs and chief complaint; upload a secure image of the ECG or photo of a patient’s injury; and automatically notify the hospital of the ambulance’s location and ETA to the hospital based on GPS. The emergency department team receives the alert, and can view the information or even send instant messages back to the EMS team via Pulsara’s HIPAA-compliant secure chat feature.

Hospitals also have the ability to purchase additional capabilities if they wish to use Pulsara to coordinate specialty care teams responding to stroke and STEMI patients. These packages allow the entire care team — from first responders to emergency department nurses and physicians to cath lab and stroke teams — to connect using one platform; this eliminates the need for multiple pagers and phone calls, and reduces the chance of potentially harmful communications errors.

“We are the only system out there that coordinates care in the prehospital environment, within the hospital, and between multiple hospitals for transfers,” said Dr. James Woodson, Founder and CEO of Pulsara. “Medicine has a communication problem, and it is critical to address every aspect of that problem, through every stage of the care process. With Pulsara, communities are truly establishing regional systems of care — and that means better performance and time saved for our most critical patients.”

EMS agencies and hospitals interested in learning more about how Pulsara can improve patient care and streamline the treatment of time-sensitive emergencies should visit https://www.pulsara.com/time.