MiniMed® Connect Mobile Accessory for Android Now Available from Medtronic

MiniMed Connect Mobile Accessory Provides Easier and Better Access to Pump and CGM Data, Helping Optimize Therapy for Improved Glycemic Patterns

Medtronic plc, the global leader in medical technology, today announced U.S. commercial availability of the Android(TM) operating system version of the MiniMed Connect mobile accessory, the first and only product enabling people with diabetes to see their real-time glucose level  on Android mobile devices.

The MiniMed Connect app, which was originally launched on iOS in September 2015, helps people with diabetes see how they’re doing right on their phone by providing convenient access to their insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) data in an easy-to-use smartphone application.  The MiniMed Connect app also allows care partners to better participate in diabetes care with real-time access to glucose and insulin data on any Internet-connected mobile device or PC and therapy alerts via text message.  In addition, the MiniMed Connect app allows healthcare providers to more efficiently access data for therapy optimization through daily uploads of insulin and CGM information into CareLink® therapy management software.

The MiniMed Connect app enables people with diabetes and their healthcare providers to better optimize therapy, leading to improved glycemic patterns. In a retrospective analysis of CareLink data1 on nearly 2,800 patients, use of the MiniMed Connect app resulted in:

  • Two fewer severe low blood sugar events (<50 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes) per year
  • Forty-one fewer severe high blood sugar events (>300 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes) per year
  • 66 percent of patients stayed in range more often

“In addition to greater convenience, our recent data shows that with easier and better access to their data, the MiniMed Connect app helps patients reduce high and low sugar events, and keep their sugar within range more often,” said Annette Brüls, president, Diabetes Service and Solutions business at Medtronic. “Making the MiniMed Connect app available for Android users, their loved ones and their care partners propels us forward in our goal to meet both the diabetes management and lifestyle needs of people with diabetes so they can live with greater freedom and better health.”

“For individuals with diabetes, the need to constantly monitor sugar levels can be cumbersome and far from discreet,” said Dr. David Rhew, chief medical officer and head of healthcare and fitness at Samsung. “Working with Medtronic, we are harnessing the power of industry leading mobile technology to make diabetes management less stressful and more seamless for the millions of Americans living with the condition. Samsung is thrilled to partner with Medtronic to launch the first-of-its-kind MiniMed Connect application on Android, which has been tested and approved for use on many of Samsung’s flagship smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.”

The MiniMed Connect app is compatible with both the MiniMed® 530G system and the MiniMed® Revel(TM) system, providing greater convenience for people with diabetes, greater peace of mind for their care partners, and more convenient access to diabetes data for healthcare teams.

  • People with diabetes can discreetly view their diabetes information on a smartphone  application.
  • The MiniMed Connect app allows care partners to view and monitor this diabetes information via CareLink Personal software, delivering preset text notifications to care partners when the person with diabetes experiences sugar levels that go too high or too low or when an alarm on the pump isn’t cleared.
  • With patient permission, and as arranged with their healthcare providers, there can be convenient access to diabetes data in the CareLink reports.
  • The MiniMed Connect app for Android will work on a wide variety of Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge which are among best-selling smartphones in the world for 20162.

Medtronic’s vision is to transform diabetes care, together for greater freedom and better health. This vision is centered around a deep-rooted belief in delivering solutions so that people with diabetes can live their exceptional lives. The MiniMed Connect app achieves this objective and is also a further demonstration of how Medtronic is moving beyond insulin pumps and CGM devices and integrating leading consumer technologies, data and informatics to enable better therapy decision-making and care.