Promeditec Drives Growth with Verizon Cloud

Promeditec, a developer of IT solutions that help accelerate clinical trials, has chosen Verizon Cloud to support the delivery of its AppClinical Trial solution. AppClinical Trial provides an online environment for the set up and management of clinical trials from phase I to phase IV, including virtual monitoring visits. Hosting the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in Verizon Virtual Private Cloud in Verizon’s NAP of Amsterdam, enables Promeditec to ensure that AppClinical Trial is always available for users, and the service can be quickly scaled to support new trials. Most importantly, Verizon Private Cloud also offers tight security and regulatory compliance support – crucial in the clinical trial environment.

“Our focus is to cut the cost and time of clinical trials, which can cost as much as $3 billion to run and range over a 10-15 year period, without compromising on data security,” said Luca Emili, Founder and CEO, Promeditec. “We needed a cloud provider that understood the complex regulations that govern the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, and could provide an environment that could support this. In addition, we needed extra capacity to be made available whenever we or our customers would require it, but without requiring any additional capital investment from us. Verizon Virtual Private Cloud gives us all of this, as well as great flexibility for future growth as we strengthen our product lines and expand our global footprint. What’s more, the Verizon brand is known and trusted around the world; partnering with Verizon adds value to the Promeditec proposal.”

Verizon will host and manage Promeditec’s data in Verizon Virtual Private Cloud or from select data centers around the world in support of its future geographical expansion plans. Promeditec also works with Verizon’s governance, risk and compliance experts to help address its specific business standards and compliance requirements.