Prodea Systems Solves Critical Healthcare Management Gaps for Patients in North America with its Revolutionary ROS® Platform

Prodea Systems announced today from the Connected Health Summit that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Eocene Systems that will see Prodea’s Residential Operating System (ROS®) distributed through its channels to healthcare organizations across the United States that are at risk for patients’ health and expenditures including, but not limited to Medicare, Commercial Insurance Companies, Accountable Care Organizations, Physician Groups and Disease Management Organizations. With an addressable market of over seventy million patients, the partnership will initially target one million across Eocene’s existing customers. This partnership underscores Prodea’s emergence into the eHealth vertical, with the remote management of patients through connected devices and technology.

With growing concerns over the long term costs of chronic disease management and its impact on the medical infrastructure, healthcare providers are searching for solutions that can both actively engage patients in their care as well as empower physicians with the tools they need to better manage these conditions on a real-time basis. Historically, physicians have lacked the capability to link with their patients on a real-time basis around their chronic illness, and to create meaningful outcomes in the lives of these individuals. In response to this need, Eocene saw technology as a way to create a link between their management systems, the cloud, and the patient, through the use of Prodea’s innovative platform that bridges the gap and provides a seamless integrated approach to this problem.

Introducing Prodea’s ROS® Targeted Healthcare Platform

The first-of-its-kind in healthcare market, Prodea’s ROS® solution has been designed specifically to address the complex challenges that healthcare providers are experiencing, while at the same time, effectively addressing the needs of the patients and providing them effective tools such as:

  •     Enable medical professionals to leverage real time and continuous data and communicate important health information to their patients around the management of their long-term chronic diseases.
  •     Engage a patient with important health information, via media channels they prefer, within the comfort of their own home or on the go (i.e., Television, Smart phone, Tablet or PC) to ensure that critical information is delivered in real-time regarding the patients’ health. This enables the patient to be proactive about managing their illness.
  •     Easily, rapidly and cost-effectively integrate into patients’ lifestyles by delivering autonomous, agnostic and easy to use connectivity between patients, their health data and the medical infrastructures supporting them.

“The growing problem of chronic diseases requires consistent patient monitoring that goes beyond the traditional paradigm that we see today,” said Anousheh Ansari, CEO of Prodea Systems. “In order to make patients’ lives and care better, we must utilize new innovative technology in order to provide a new level of care that both doctors and patients can rely on.” Ansari said. “We are very proud of our partnership with Eocene and creating a tangible example of what The Internet of Things truly means – in this case how we will positively impact and benefit society with our human centric technology.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Prodea,” said Bryan Sowards, CEO of Eocene Systems. “Prodea’s ROS platform provides the critical technological solution that no one else in the industry has been able to develop. Their platform enables us to go that last mile into the patient’s home and not only capture diagnostic data, but truly engage with the patient, fostering changes in their behavior and ultimately helping them live a healthier lifestyle. Utilizing the ROS platform, we can we deliver a fully integrated solution to healthcare providers tasked with managing patients outside the clinical environment. Eocene prides itself on solving complex customer problems and delivering a best in class product. With Prodea, we felt it was a perfect fit for continuing to deliver excellence to our customers.”

ROS® is available, now, to healthcare providers. To request a demo of Prodea’s ROS®, learn how it can help manage long term chronic diseases, drive patient engagement, please contact us at

To meet with Prodea at the Connected Health Summit please contact Tiffany May, at +1-972-977-0180.

About Prodea Systems:

Prodea delivers products and services that empower people to easily command their connected lives. Prodea is the first company to make a seamlessly connected life possible and deliver on the promise of the connected home, for everyone, with mass-market services that matter. The Prodea Residential Operating System (ROS®) is a unified platform for the Internet of Things that enables diverse Service Providers worldwide to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver autonomous, agnostic and easy-to-use connectivity and services between people, data and devices.

ROS® is a managed service delivery platform agnostic of connection, service, application, and protocols, solving the challenges that both traditional and non-traditional service providers face in delivering the Internet of Things to consumers. This approach to the Internet of Things makes the ROS® platform a far more viable proposition in the immediate short term by creating a new world where services, devices, and data can be exchanged seamlessly. Prodea’s software and service platform’s current deployments span Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Prodea maintains additional offices in New York; Los Angeles; Mumbai; London; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Johannesburg.

For more information about Prodea Systems, please visit: or contact Andrew Tauhert at +1-214-278-1876.

About Eocene Systems:
Eocene offers healthcare organizations a ubiquitous platform to manage their patients in the most desired and cost effective environment, their residential home. Improved patient engagement can result in better disease prevention, by giving patients the tools to self-monitor and change behavior; greater treatment success, based on increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy; and better clinical decision making, as a result of more information sharing between the patient and clinician. For more information on Eocene Systems please visit: