Eliza Corporation to Present Innovative Patient Engagement Strategies for Connected Health Solutions at Parks Associates’ Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

Eliza Corporation. (PRNewsFoto/Eliza Corporation)

Eliza Corporation announced today that Ralph Perfetto, Chief Analytics Officer, will speak at the second-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, held at the Omni Hotel September 9-10 in San Diego, CA. Perfetto will participate in the session “Personalizing the Consumer Experience: Challenges and Best Practices” on Wednesday, September 9, at 10:45am.

The interactive panel session, moderated by Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality and Product Development at Parks Associates, will highlight the challenges inherent in tailoring health services and devices to individual needs, including whether too many choices overwhelm consumers. The panel also will evaluate successful strategies for personalizing the consumer experience for better engagement and outcomes.

“The consumer role in healthcare is becoming more active as changes in the healthcare industry provide end users with more knowledge and better engagement tools,” said Harry Wang, Director, Health and Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. “The Connected Health Summit will address successful strategies for patient engagement and awareness, as well as other key issues in the growing connected health market.”

According to Parks Associates research, consumer willingness to share their personal data in exchange for a health insurance discount varies by device used, ranging from 42% of digital pedometer owners to only 26% of those with a sleep-quality monitor. Among smart watch owners, 35% are willing to share data from their device for a health insurance discount.

“The challenge of getting people to manage their medical condition or engage in more healthy behavior isn’t necessarily due to a lack of technology or access to digital content — there are countless websites, portals, social media outlets, and mHealth apps out there. The real science behind consumer health engagement lies in our ability to break through the noise and connect with people in personalized ways – inspiring them to act in their own way, on their own terms, via their preferred technology,” said Ralph Perfetto, Chief Analytics Officer at Eliza Corporation. “To help people navigate their own paths toward optimal health, we all need to leverage each and every communication channel out there that works – collaborating and sharing information in ways that help people, as well as the healthcare organizations that serve them, achieve desired goals and improve outcomes.”

Eliza increases engagement rates with personalized interactions, across multiple channels of communication – with unique approaches that allow healthcare organizations to build, respect and respond to member profile attributes, such as channel selection optimization. For example, through well-designed multi-touch, multi-channel outreach, Eliza:

Informs members of eligible services such as tele-health benefits to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, and allow people to get care and/or prescriptions for low-acuity needs, in the most convenient way

Offers real-time transfers to nurse lines, as needed
Sends follow-up emails and/or SMS messages to remind those who do not have an immediate need to speak with a nurse
Tailors messages across segments and channels to optimize impact and engagement
Added Perfetto, “At Eliza, we believe that the strategic integration of data, analytics, content design and multi-channel technologies can help improve health and reduce costs, by allowing healthcare organizations to be more agile and precise, in scalable, yet highly personalized ways. The key however is to do it well – which is no small task, and unfortunately poor implementations and technology are fairly common. This is why we invest so much in the quality of the user experience; we’ve proven that it absolutely drives engagement, and measurably improves outcomes.”

About Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers
Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers analyzes the roles of connected health technologies and innovations in driving changes in consumer behaviors and business models. The event focuses on four areas of consumer health technologies in particular, which all require active consumer participation to be successful: remote health monitoring for accountable care, consumer-centric wellness and fitness solutions, independent living technologies and services, and innovative convenience care models.