Osara Health Partners with Allstate Benefits to Offer Members Cancer Care Support


Osara Health, a provider of evidence-based behavior change intervention for cancer has partnered with Allstate Benefits, a health and supplemental insurer. The first-of-its-kind agreement for the US health insurance market affords members of Allstate Benefits group health benefits program access to comprehensive cancer support from Osara Health. Osara offers the only clinically validated behavior change program that enables people living with cancer to take control of their care and return to work faster.

Allstate Benefits’ commitment to meaningful member centered care and support is strengthened by the inclusion of Osara Health’s award-winning cancer solution in their group health benefits programs.

Osara offers an educational, behavioral change program demonstrating to improve the quality of life and other health outcomes of people living with cancer. The award-winning program was developed by oncologists with the intention of reinventing cancer care after identifying a significant clinical care gap for holistic support that is costing the healthcare system along with patients.

Research indicates that 25% of Emergency Department visits and expenses incurred during cancer treatment stem from inadequate symptom management. Through Osara, participants receive instruction in behavior change principles, enabling them to play a more proactive role in their healthcare. Consequently, 32% of participants have reported enhanced symptom management, particularly in pain reduction which further aids in the reduction of a patient’s associated healthcare costs.

Cancer continues to be one of the leading (top 2) cost burdens for employers nationwide, affecting organizations, their workforce, and financial outcomes in terms of healthcare costs and productivity.. Furthermore, approximately 45% of cancer diagnoses occur during work life with 40% of survivors never returning to work.

Globally, Osara Health is the only clinically validated return to work intervention for cancer survivors, providing additional incentive to employers nationwide1.. A recent published study found that participants are 73% more likely to return to work, at a rate that is 16.5wks faster than those not offered the program. Not only that, but results demonstrated improvements in quality of life and other health outcomes through digital support1..

Osara Health joins Allstate Benefits’ group health products as a differentiated offering for cancer support. “Supporting members in a meaningful way when they are going through a serious health event like cancer is at the core of what we do,” said David Essary, President of Allstate Benefits and Allstate Health Solutions. “We believe our partnership with Osara Health will empower more people affected by cancer to get the medical care and support they need so that they can focus on their path to health and happiness.”

Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh, CEO of Osara Health and a radiation oncologist, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Allstate Benefits, “This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide members with the psychosocial support and digital resources they need to feel more supported, implement behavior change and make informed decisions about their cancer care.” he stated. “Through this partnership, policyholders will gain access to Osara’s personalized support service, alleviating key challenges of a cancer diagnosis and enhancing overall outcomes. This partnership not only benefits individuals impacted by cancer but also enhances Allstate Benefits’ ability to provide the most comprehensive support to their policyholders demonstrating their clear commitment to clinically validated member benefits and a better care experience.”

The partnership is part of Osara Health’s ongoing efforts to expand access to its services and reach more people affected by cancer. The organization has already helped tens of thousands of cancer patients and their families across other regions and this marks the first partnership within Group Health and Supplemental Insurance for the company’s United States expansion, allowing them to provide even more support to those in need.

Allstate Benefits will be the first company in the United States group health insurance industry to offer this type of support, joining Osara’s expanding list of clients worldwide who acknowledge the significance of such offerings.

The partnership is a continuation of Allstate Benefits’ ongoing dedication to improving member experience and providing additional recovery options for individuals facing a cancer diagnosis.