Orbita Releases New Patient Outreach Features Powered by Conversational AI

New module adds proactive, multi-channel communication to reach and engage patients 24/7 on any device

Orbita, the leading provider of HIPAA-compliant conversational voice and chatbot solutions for healthcare, announces the release of a new communication module that integrates proactive messaging with intelligent virtual assistants to automate outreach for patient education, notification, scheduling, and more.

The new module, part of Orbita’s award-winning conversational AI platform, adds digital communication features that deliver intelligent, bot-powered virtual healthcare assistance proactively over text message, email, and automated phone calls. Among the advances are the ability to automatically “cascade” through communication channels to ensure patients are reached on their preferred device.

When used to support integrated, multi-channel outreach campaigns, Orbita’s communication module maximizes patient engagement while automating key workflows to free up overworked staff.

“Through the pandemic, we saw the need to ‘go beyond the bot’ by introducing features that can proactively engage and support healthcare consumers at scale,” said Orbita’s CEO, Bill Rogers. “With our new integrated communication module, we’re now able to support multi-channel messaging that can reach patients where they are, on their preferred device, and with the natural, intuitive experience of an Orbita-powered virtual assistant.”

Healthcare organizations have deployed Orbita solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic for symptom monitoring, vaccine eligibility screening, and vaccine scheduling.

“COVID-19 has completely altered the healthcare landscape, and the vaccine rollout has added a new set of rapidly evolving patient communication challenges”, says Chelsea Biel, Orbita’s Senior Director of Customer Success and Clinical Informatics. “Where Orbita’s proactive communication features are deployed for outreach campaigns, patient response has increased from 30% to over 70%, while call center volume has been significantly reduced.”

See Orbita’s whitepaper on driving patient engagement with proactive, omni-channel outreach.